Midnight DimSum in Singapore : Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

There’s one thing that will never run out at Singapore.. FOOD. Anytime, anywhere, any hours. I am kind of a big fans of dim sum… in KL, we have this awesome 24 hours dim sum at YanYan. In Singapore, there are this Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant located at Jalan Besar. I love to venture into local food, and thanks to my forever awesome Singaporean friends that always keen to bring me for local food. *nyek nyek nyek*

Some alley behind some shoplot here lies the yummylicious midnight dim sum. 


Four of us starting our foodadventure here. 

DSC02226First up is the century egg with cold tofu. (SGD 4.00) Tofu was sliced thin, sprinkled with minced century egg and a touch of sesame oil. Well, they always blend well together arent they? 

DSC02228Double boiled chicken soup (SGD 5.00) Nothing much to shout about but sometimes, or most of the time, we are just craving for soup!

DSC02232Shanghai Xiao Long Bao (SGD 4.30) XLB is a must in all dim sum feast. Becarefully on your first bite, the oozing meat sauce is enough to give you a satisfying smile. 

DSC02234Fried Wanton (SGD 2.40) Very bold flavour. The wanton skin is fried to crisp but it sealed all the juice inside. Meat was tender and seasoning was spot on. I am not fancy of fried food but this is really good

DSC02236Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun (SGD 3.90). It doesnt have the wow factor but it is good enough as compared to the many many big restaurants. I like my egg yolk custard bun to have more texture on the fillings and this is the silky smooth type 🙂

DSC02237Har Kao aka Shrimp Dumplings (SGD 2.40) Prawns were fresh and the skin is thin and fluffy

DSC02239Eggplant with spicy meat sauce (SGD 7.00). Being eggplant addicted, this one is just ok. I prefer my eggplant to be more tender and flavourful. Huhuhu. But as long as got eggplant Im a happy girl. Hehehe!

DSC02243Chicken Claw (SGD 3.00) Something I would order almost every time I had dim sum. Now, this one is far beyond expectations. Very flavourful and the chicken claw will just melted in your mouth. Oh nom nom nom*

DSC02241Steamed Pork Ribs (SGD 2.80) Even if theres some odd times I gave chicken claw a pass, steamed pork ribs is forever my first pick. Pork ribs anyhow to me is nice lar..

DSC02246Siew Mai (SGD 1.80) I forgot how it taste but siew mai literally taste the same. Hardly can go wrong with siew mai unless they use pate instead of minced meat. Hehe!

DSC02245Beancurd Prawn Roll (SGD 3.00) As you know, I dont fancy fried food except fried chicken so its a so so for me. 

DSC02244Steamed chicken with egg (SGD 2.50) Something that you would see everyday. Love this tender juicy steamed chicken and what is the best among all? The egg sauce!!! Infused with the natural chicken juice, soft fluffy and you will just keep asking for more!

DSC02247Lastly, deep fried shrimp paste chicken wings (SGD 8.00) to sum up the supper. LIKE!

A sinful night with best eating partners = happy night! Definitely come back for more this April 🙂

DSC02224Opening hours : Monday to Sunday 6pm to 6am  Closed on Tuesdays