Oviet @ Sunway Pyramid

Ever since i had my last pho in Melbourne, i am always on my go to hunt for another bowl of shimmering saporous pho. I have been looking around for a nice and decent vietnamese cuisine restaurant and somehow out of no where as i was browsing through some food blog… i saw a lot of positive comments on this particular vietnamese restaurant at sunway pyramid.

Oviet, just next to Dragon-I.

Very comfy and elegant environment right?

And… well.. i m not sure isit bcoz its weekdays.. the restaurant is kinda empty… XD

We ordered this Fresh Summer Rolls. Known as “Nem Saigon” RM 9.90. Nem Saigon is also known as one of the very common appetizer among the vietnamese cuisine..

Traditional Mixed Beef Noodles “Pho Bo Oac Biet” RM 15.90

And normally they will serve you this as side dish to eat together with pho.

I prefer not to add too much Mint leaves into it or else the original taste of the stew beef will deteriorate.

My comment is…. 4/10 Only. SOBS!!! I miss the one in Melbourne!! *help*

Another non-vietnamese cuisine related food is…. Spaghetti with Lemongrass lamb in Cream Sauce RM 23.90

The lemongrass grilled lamb is superb.. but the sauce.. HMMM!! its not creamy right? its some kind of egg sauce.

However… At least i have a taste of what people recommended.. Not very nice… and at the same time it reflect how perfect the pho in Melbourne is. HOHOHOHOHOHO!

Anyway… i ended the makan session with Durian Pancake as Dessert!! RM 7.90

Mamamia!! The cream is tooo thick and…. I still prefer the one at the Kiosks at The Gardens’ Mall! *roarrr*

AND… OMG! my pics are super YELLOWISH!!!! i shud be more rajin and edit. hahahaha!!