Pasta Zanmai, 1U, KL

Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai.. Obviously.. its somehow related right? SO after Sushi Zanmai, we went to 1U for Pasta Zanmai..

Walk slowly as u might just missed the restaurant!! its not very visible somehow. *nyek*

Pasta Zanmai..

they have whole range of pasta… i jus love looking at the menu.. teehehe!

The presentation is good as well! Similar to Sushi Zanmai.. i love both of them!

We ordered Green Tea for 2! RM 3

Hikaru had this Curry Sauce no Omu Rice Set. (Tomato rice when omelette and curry) RM 22. Simple and yet delicious!! I m not a big fans of rice but this one keep me eating non stop! Huhuhuhu!

My Unagi Spicy Pasta Set. RM 26. Unagi Lover like me.. i jus cant resist! *yumyum*

Look at those juicy unagi! SAY : awww~

Hikaru sent me back to my hotel and i m alone for that whole night… *kinda scary to be alone eh*

Lucky some cutie is with me throughout the night…! One of my Christmas Present!! *DOMOKUN* love love!