Pasta Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

It has been almost half month since i MIA again. Yea… get used to it i always MIA once in a while… depending on my mood. *i always in a mood swing condition* 🙁 Huhuhuhu!! Anyway.. come back again… with piles and piles of posts waiting to be posted. Too many until I get so lazy.. 

It was one fine weekend when the girls get random and decided to meet up for the longest time ever reunion. We have been talking about reunion since months but we never make it 4 together.. and that particular weekend, we make it happen! Weeeee*

DSC06926One of the food stop is Pasta Zanmai, not particularly the best food, we are just merely too hungry to think and to queue for food. I always enjoy hanging out with them because they eat whatever i like to eat, so means we can order a lot and share among ourselves. Hohoho! Eat is forever so important for me k? 😀

DSC06934For sharing, Dragon Roll. Avocado + Unagi = Everyone’s favourite.

DSC06938Japanese Scallop Pizza. I love this one. This is probably the best we had for this lunch.

DSC06941Tempura Mentaiko Roll. Its okay

DSC06936For mains, we had Unagi Risotto that doesnt look or taste like risotto at all but still somewhat yummy. hehe

DSC06947Spicy Salmon Spaghetti which is not impressive

DSC06945and.. Spicy Aglio Olio with Lobster. I’ll give the Lobster a thumbs up tho. Lobster is tender and juicy. You can just ignore the tasteless Aglio Olio. 🙂

I remembered i used to think the food served in Pasta Zanmai is impressive. Quite a disappointment tho. Or maybe Im just fussy. Hohohoho!