Penang Food Hunt

Haven been updating my blog for like.. more than a month di i know. 🙁 Was busy and will be busy for the month July and August still T.T

Anyhow.. back to the Penang Food Hunt. Was relieved to have a short makan makan trip over the weekend. At least.. its something other than work work work work AND work.

Weekend was a good one. Managed to mam mam more than 20 varieties of Penang local delicacies.

ALL photos are taken by Iphone and Lumix DMC-Ts2 only.

The Pearl of Orient..

Unesco World Heritage Site.

Beautiful places.

Rented a car for 2 days. RM 190 for a Kancil. Well.. its better than catching a cab if was to maximize the efficacy of food hunting…. *teehehe*

Purely eating trip with maybe one or two visiting when tummy is too bloated. AHHHH! Seee.. map is ready 😀

1. Cendol at Jalan Kinta.

Make a turn and you will definitely see it.  RM 1.70 for a bowl of basic cendol. Strong coconut base with gula malacca syrup 🙂

2. Chee Cheong Fan 猪肠粉 at Jalan Macalister

One of the stall at New Lane Food Street.

Plain roll served with sweet sauce, chilli sauce and prawn paste. RM  2 for such portion.

3. Prawn Noodle at Jalan Macalister

The prawn paste wasnt strong enough or maybe its just not my bowl of noodle 🙂 RM 3.50

4. Mixed Pork Porridge at Jalan Macalister

As much as i love pork porridge.. this one is just not impressive. it tasted like Perfume. Seriously. RM 5

5. Wantan Mee at Jalan Macalister

6. Chicken Feet at Jalan Macalister

It tasted like the normal home cooked chicken feet. RM 6 per plate.

7. Tong Sui at Jalan Macalister

All sort of ingredients you want.

I had a bit of everything. Nice.

A bowl of chilled tong sui under a hot sun is just so right. RM 1.40

ALL of the above were to be found at:
New land Food Street
40, Lorong Baru
10400 Penang

8. Fried Oyster aka O Jian at New World Park (Jalan Burmah)

Fat and Juicy oyster at New World Park

RM 6. Spicy or not, its up to your preference.

9. Durian Fest at New World Park (Jalan Burmah)

ALL kinds of Durian.. From 600 to Ang Hei to Mao Shan Wang.

Durian fest started from 12pm to 8pm. So make sure you go early if you want to grab Mao Shan Wang.

I went quite late.. All they left is 600 and 808. But still.. duuurrriaan frenzzzy!

New World Park
Lorong Swatow
10050 Penang
Opening Hours : 10am to 9pm

10. Char Kuay Teow at Gurney Drive

Beautiful Gurney drive but seriously its so hard to find parking space.. and most importantly.. theres still officer giving saman this late!

Helllo 🙂

Gurney Drive is always packed and crowded.

Queued for like half an hour for this so so char kuay teow. RM 4

11. Curry Noodle at Gurney Drive

Not too spicy. I somehow think its the same stall i had few years back. RM 3.50

12. Apam Manis at Gurney Drive

Nothing to shout about its like kueh si pit. RM 2

Gurney Drive Hawker Stall
Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Opening Hours : 6pm – 12am

13. Koay Teow Soup at Jalan Burmah

OMG!!! This Koay Teow Soup is the highly recommended one. A small stall runned by this Ah Pek. He is the famous Koay Teow Soup at Hai Onn Restaurant previously but now he had moved out to the Shoplot just beside Hai Onn. So those who fancy the Hai Onn Koay Teow Soup years ago.. go to Kim Lee which is just located at the turn of Jalan Macalister. The stall is just Behind the Hong Leong Bank. Very Easy to find. Recog the ah pek face ah.. He had been doing this Koay Teow Soup for over 50 years. Operating Hours : 7.30am to 1pm. Go early

Make sure you get the correct Koay Teow Soup ok.. This is the normal portion. RM 2.50. Its definitely worth more than the price.

Normal portion is never enough for food lover, get a special Koay Teow Soup at RM 3.50.

One thing that keep the customers keep coming back is the pure and sweet soup base for the soup. The Koay Teow is smooth and thin enough. nearly to transparent and therefore.. you can imagine how the soup base can actually brush in the koay teow. *yum yum*

Coming back for more? Top List sure is. Super highly recommended.

14. Otak Otak at Jalan Burmah

The same outlet, the same originality. This otak otak is also originate from Hai Onn Restaurant then moved to Kim Lee.

With a very friendly and over-media-positive aunty introducing her otak otak.

The Otak Otak is not bad afterall. RM 3

15. AssamLaksa at Joo Hooi Cafe (Jalan Penang)

A very authentic kopitiam.

I had this Assam Laksa at RM 3.50 but the soup base is not thick enough for me. I prefer the others. However… Cendol there is nice. Em la Sun Boi is even better 🙂

Em La Sun Boi is like Bekulong Juice. RM 3

Joo Hooi Cafe
475, Jalan Penang
10000 Penang
Operating Hours : 10.30 – 5.30 pm

16. Budweiser at Hard Rock Hotel

Beautiful Hotel situated at Batu Ferringgih.

Love it or not… its Awesome!

Love the environment.. Love the music.. Love the coach!

Yes.. the coach.. At night when the music start, lying there enjoying the band is the foremost thing you can ask for.

Well.. of coz with your budweiser with you.

17. Apam Balik at Jalan Anson

A mobile stall operating from 10am to 5pm in front of Lok Pin Cafe.

All you can choose.

The tauke is the hilarious man.

and the Apam Balik is so neatly served. RIght??

Look at the ingredient inside!!

18. Duck meat Koay Teow Soup at Jalan Anson

Duck meat Koay Teow Soup at Juventus Cafe. Located JUST beside Lok Pin Cafe.

The soup is impressive.. RM 2.70 but of coz.. as i mentioned in No.13 😀

Love the Soya Milk there by the way

19. Brown Sugar Soya Milk at Pulau Tikus

A mobile Van selling Soya Milk.

I had a glass of the signature brown sugar soya milk and it cost me only RM 1.

20. Durian at the road side

Dint get to have Ang Hei or Mao Shan Wang at New World Park so decided to give it a try at some roadside.

Got Ang Hei!!!! *slurpssss*

I love it with some bitterness. DURIAAANNNNNN *melts*

21. Upper Penang Road

Of all the bars.. they all roughly give you the deal of RM 28 per bucket. But with less atmosphere and nothing much to do.


But Slippery Senoritas is different. Obviously! Even the name is bigger and the price is… triple of those.

They have live band.. and the performance by the male vocalist is so so so so attractive… *melts*

Philipino i believe.. such a thick voice. Me love!

22. Nasi Kandar at Line Clear (Jalan Penang)

The utmost famous Nasi kandar.

Too bad i have to tabao as i was very very tired to stay any longer as i have to catch a flight the next day morning. But i rmb the tabao used to be in a box but now they pack it in the plastic.

RM 10.50 for this HUGE portion. FYI, i had 2 large squid, lamb, ladies finger and all the different sauce. Satisfied.

23. Toy Musuem I know its not a food

I just want to share this because i spotted

Power Ranger! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely coming back for the Koay Teow Soup.

*Penang is lovely*