Philippines Must Eat : Nam Nam Comfort Filipino, Makati

I still remember how it taste like.. I still miss the food we had at Namnam comfort filipino, I still remember how the pork cracklings is in their classic plate of house sisig.. One of the best moment in Manila is to dine at Namnam comfort filipino, I think it will be my favourite for quite some time. Namnam comfort filipino was previously known as Manam. They are the same, located at the Ground floor of Green Belt 2 just below The burger bar.


DSC01499The place is quite small, accommodate less than 20 tables and if you are not too hungry, wait until around 3pm and you get less crowd, like us.

DSC01493There are some spices on your table but i think all the food is good enough without any of the spices. yums!

DSC01494I specially like their menus. They have 3 sizes — S, M, L and they serve both filipino classics and twists. If you like it traditional, you can order everything from the classic columns, but if you wanna try their special invention, go for the twists!

DSC01502Today we go orangy. Clockwise : Mango+Pomelo+Coconut cream+Sago (php120), Mango+Ginger (php105) and ice tea (php60)

Start with the classics, also my favourite — House Cripsy Sisig (S-130, M-215, L-385). 

DSC01504Sisig is mainly made of Pork jowls, pork ears and pork liver seasoned with calamansi and chilli peppers. One of the special thing about sisig is that, they have 3 different kind of texture, the crispy ears, the tender jowls, the creamy liver and the magic about it is, although it’s all pork parts, a touch of calamansi and chilli peppers makes the dish less greasy and you will keep eating and eating and eating.. We had medium size for this dish.

The other classics is the Kare Kare with Oxtail (S-285, M-485, L-935)

DSC01520Kare kare is a traditional filipino stew that features a peanut-based soup with vegetables and mostly oxtail to go with it as the protein. Its creamy and fragrant. It was very flavourful and you can even taste the roasted peanut in your mouth. We ordered the S size portion to share. Just nice for 4 of us.

Bagoong Rice (S-95, M-170, L-305)

DSC01507Bagoong Rice is a type of fried rice featuring shrimp paste. Shrimp paste rice is almost like our belacan rice but a very mild one. S size portion for sharing.

Tinapa Rice is another common dish in Philippines. Tinapa means smoked fish, so Tinapa Rice is smoked fish rice. (S-70, M-120, L-225)

DSC01516I like the Tinapa Rice more than Bagoong Rice because the smell of the smoked fish is very strong. The rice is light with a strong aroma of smoked fish but it is not too salty so it makes Tinapa rice perfect to go with any other dishes. We had the S one for sharing

Done with the classics, we go for the Twists! We have Sinigang with beef short ribs and watermelon! Watermelon!! I guess this is the main twist! (S-230, M-405, L-735)

DSC01518Wanted to know how watermelon taste in the sinigang? It is fabulous!! Sinigang has this sour and savoury base… and the twist of adding watermelon in is just clever. The sweet and refreshing watermelon compliments the sour and savoury base very well, giving a lil touch of the sweetness in the stew. And the beef ribs as well, the meat just fall off the bones once you bite it! Oh so good! My favourite after their house sisig!

DSC01508We were not hungry but we still manage to happily licking the plates clean. I guess this is how good the food is!DSC01537_p*selfie! No post is complete without my selfie. Muahahahahahahhahaha!!!