Sanga Japanese Food, Kuching

A big fans of japanese food other than bread and bun, went to Sanga japanese food behind Sarawak Plaza for my sunday nom nom. Finally can have a decent lunch date with my ultra busy bun. Huhuhu. Although is with another friend, still better than don have nah. Hehehehe!

Start of with my must-order : Chawanmushi

20130818_143011I duno why but i have obsession with chawanmushi. hehehehe! This is the normal sanga chawanmushi, RM 3.00

20130818_141829Salmon Sashimi.. RM 20. Cant handle 1kg like Rosey & Salted Egg so.. go for just one normal portion

20130818_142734Salmon Skin. RM 6. I dont know why but i personally love Sushi King’s one a lot more. hehehe!


20130818_142044Inari Salmon Mayo.

20130818_141644Garlic Fried Rice. RM 6. Slurps! Love it


20130818_142311Bulgogi Bento Set


20130818_142001Beef Teriyaki Set. Almost the same as Bulgogi Set. Huhuhu

20130818_142757Of coz… both Bento Set comes with a hot and yummy seaweed soup. *yums*

The total bill of those is RM 90.50.

But if you are not satisfied with those.. you can opt for my another love.

20130707_203802Potato Salad!!! *teeehehehe* 

20130525_213707_1_mr001p/s : I wanted to order my fav white tuna sashimi but sad enough.. not much of them are a big fans of it. *cries*