Sanga Japanese Food, Kuching

Wuakakakaka! i really have nth to blog anymore!! omg omg omg!! really hard to dig things out to blog! huhuhu!

Oh. jus before our movie marathon last week.. we went for Sanga Japanese Food. My first time there. His First time there.. Its located just beside the Foo Chow Association.. same block as Hanii’s Bristro…somewhere beside beside the block of Sarawak Plaza. I m sure you can find it!!

Nice environment.. with dim light.. a lot of decorations bought from Japan.. But i wont be keen in going back coz actually the choice of food served is  kinda limited loh..

Maguro Sushi.. Very tiny. Don ask me wad fish is Maguro.. i duno o.. googled urself nah. as long as its raw.. me love! hehehe

Dar’s fav chicken tori.. and our Unagi dinner set!!

Our all times favourite.. super milky and juicy big fat salmon belly!!! OMG! so oily so nice!!!! smooth like.. imagine urself. teehehehehe! *slurp slurp*

So basically this is it! only two of us so this is the maximum amount we can eat loh. X.X

AIYO! i really have nth to update ah! CHAM!