SekMeChoy Pepper Bak Kut Teh @ Bandar Manjalara

Aloha! Hows Gawai treating everybody? I had a very fulfilling trip. A food marathon trip to be precise. Everyday seems to be in a food coma stage. Hehehe! Anyway, here’s one of the scrumptious dinner we had at Bandar Manjalara, Kepong.

DSC03515Restaurant SekMeChoy. Famous of their pepper bak kut teh. Thanks Yoke Peng & Eric for the ride and food. Love it, Appreciate it, Gulp them all. We’ll make sure you both went into the food coma stage as well in Kuching soon. Hehehe!

DSC03519Being a fan of bak kut teh i know i m a fan of a lot of food. hehe, it always excite me when there are good bak kut teh around. This time round, pepper bak kut teh they said. As Sarawakians, we love our it black or white but i have a slightly higher pinch of love towards white pepper especially, and having to know that pepper bak kut teh on the dinner list, double excitement!


DSC03517Browsing through the menu, there are just too many varieties to choose from. Can i order all of them? *puppy eyes* 

DSC03521Wanted to order a bottle of ice cold beer to compliment the pepper bak kut teh but damn… 

DSC03520The host ordered chinese tea for themselves so… ended up.. Jacqueline & i both have ice tea as well.. Hello tea, its not suppose to be you on the table, you know right? kekeke!

DSC03522The best combination to go with bak kut teh, Chilli & Garlic 🙂 

We ordered the signature SekMeChoy Claypot Pepper Bak kut teh for the portion of two. RM 24

DSC03536The soup was flavorful, add up a little spices of the pepper and it just give you a kick when you slurp it bubbling hot. 

DSC03527Extra bowl of tofu skin in pepper soup

DSC03530Hakka Marinated Pork with pickled vegetables. RM 14.50

DSC03531 Stir fry kailan with garlic. RM 10  Love the crunch love the taste

DSC03532And one of my very favourite. I would say my star dish of the night. Stir fried “sang cheong” with dried shrimp. RM 13

DSC03533This is the dish that most people would get it wrong. It was NOT the pig’s intestine. It was called the pig’s Fallopian tube. They are different from the pig’s intestine. For the Fallopian tube, they have this very crunchy texture. What makes the dish better is the dried shrimp and the lard. So fragrant i can almost finish up another bowl of rice. *slurps*

DSC03525Last but not least, the signature vegetable rice to compliment the food instead of white rice. A must try in the outlet. You can get it at the price of RM 2 for this decent bowl of vegetable rice. Definitely worth a try. 

If you love bak kut teh, this one is pretty decent. Or do you have any better place that i can tag alone? *grin*