Seoul 5 : Everland

[2.1.2014] Day 5 in Seoul. Today, we are going to hunt down Everland!! Happy Scrolling my 80 photos below. Teehehehe! Everland is a HUGE place…. maybe bigger than Disneyland Tokyo. Am i right? But at least i think its HUGE… huhuhuhu. This is the first time i gave up exploring a theme park. =_______=

How to go to Everland

Go to Gangnam Station, Line 2, Exit 6 or 7. Walked pass the Dunkin Donuts and cross the road. The bus stops are just in the middle of the two busy roads. Wait for 5002 bus to Everland. The journey takes around 40 minutes to reach.

Express-Bus_03 (1)

gangnam stationOnce you have reached the Everland carpark. Wait for another shutter bus to go to the theme park.

The entrance ticket is 46,000 won (around RM140) but if you print out this coupon, you only need to pay 37,000 won (RM113).


Please Print 😀 Opening hours is 10am to 7pm. But sometimes it will extend to 8pm or 9pm

IMG_4903We arrived around 11am. Kinda need to feed our tummy first. You know nah… winter time gets hungry all the time. hehe We were exploring the complicated map and…. just run into the nearest restaurant will do. Kakaka!

IMG_4910Venezia Restaurant. Italian Food. *slurps*

20140102_122113Signature hamburg set

IMG_4913Seafood Marinara

IMG_4915Meatball Spaghetti

20140102_122144Bulgogi Set

A lovely lunch before we proceed to our adventure.

IMG_4917-horzHehehe.. A must in all theme parks. To be young again.

IMG_4926The place was huge




IMG_4932A lot of nice scenery and different sections

IMG_4938We chose Zootopia. Yea… they have Zoo in a theme park. Hehehe

IMG_4951Here.. they have a lot of tame animals and some education info.

IMG_4950And one of the very famous one is their Fennec Fox. SO SO SO ADORABLE!! 

IMG_4949I mean the real fennec fox. hehehe


20140102_130048And something for us to play around

IMG_4962Continue our journey to the Safari World

IMG_4967We queued for more than 1 hour for this Safari Ride.

IMG_4968Definitely worth the wait.


IMG_4969Its really like a Safari.. Animals are left sleeping running freely.


IMG_4975As close as this. This is actually my first time as near with a Giraffe. Kakakaka





IMG_5013Pictures speaks a thousand word. 


IMG_5004Love the beautiful scenery.. during winter..



IMG_5057everything look so brown..somehow its like a desserted place.. or isit my imagination. Wuahahahaha <3

IMG_4990After the safari world, we went to the petting zoo. Here.. you can feed little animals in the barn… 

IMG_4997Or walk alongside the caged animals. Hehehehe! Ohhhh.. i see harry potter owl. Hellu…! 

That particular 2 places took us almost half the afternoon. By the time we are done with the animals section.. it was already later afternoon. Not much time to wander around so we just decided to pick another 2 places to explore before we call it a day


IMG_5017The illumination fairy tale world


IMG_5037No doubt it willl be extremely beautiful at night…

IMG_5032Because it merely look awesome itself even now… daytime!

IMG_5040Ahzui doing her thing

IMG_5035and us doing our thing. hehe

IMG_5050They even have this Cinderella ride… BUT… lotsa people in the background. Roarrr.. so um sik zou gei.. see ppl take pic wont go away de wor. 

20140102_152904It was Winter.. yaya i mentioned again.. Because a lot of adventurous rides will be closed during winter.. due to safety issue.. So the famous T-express… closed.. For those who came for the rides.. wont come during winter nah..


IMG_5065But.. no play also can go see see.. we went to the extreme ride section to see those ppl screaming. Hehehe! *dint take much photos of the extreme rides* But i can show u food.


20140102_155355_ee-horzOh Oh. forgot to show u my ice cream and sweet corn.. 😀

IMG_5063“Lets call it a day” papa mentioned. Thinking that we might need another 1 hour to reach Gangnam then maybe transited to another station to feed our tummy… yaya we better go now… 



IMG_5088Beautiful places… Everland..



IMG_5082Cant resist to take pics of this hug tree during evening time. It was just so so so beautiful

IMG_5080Spamming trees pic. hehehehe


Awww… ok.. too much liao.. Byebye Everland. 🙂 

IMG_5100A final group photo with Everland before our long journey back.

From Gangnam station (Green Line/Line 2) transfer to Sadang (Light Blue Line/Line 4) and straight to Seoul Station for dinner and a bit shopping.

20140102_203653Simple dinner at the lotte plaza food court.. Spam food pic. I lazy to type di. Monday blues. kekeke


20140102_190948Papa grilled fish set meal


20140102_191305Mama’s beef stew set meal


20140102_191329lun’s curry pork chop


20140102_191414And my favourite pork rib stew. I always love rib stew. *slurps*