Seoul 6 : Bau House Dog Cafe, Namdaemun, Pork Trotter, KTX, Busan

[3.1.2014] Last day in Seoul. It was quiet rush though. Should have stayed at Seoul longer. Too many things too little time. One of our Ultimate Goal to Seoul is the Bau House Dog Cafe!!!

IMG_5116Grab our fast breakfast at the train station…

IMG_5117Rush up and down and we finally reach Hongdae…BUT SADNESS.. we purposely rush to Hongdae for the dog cafe and it only open at 1.30pm which is like 3 hours later. EMO

IMG_5118Haih.. why u no open earlier. 🙁 We peep into the dog cafe and there are so many doggies inside. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu!!! Hello Doggie.. Byebye Doggie…

Anyway.. this is the direction for Bau House Dog Cafe

  • Location: Hapjeong Station (Line 2): It’s in the black shiny building between Exit 3 and 4. Wont miss it!

IMG_5123Zui loves it simply its brown <3

IMG_5124We proceed to Namdaemun for lunch. Just because it was closed on the 1st of January so we decided to come back.


IMG_5129It was just hell lot of people. OMG. Shoulder rubbing session when searching for the food alley.

IMG_5127With the help of phone GPS and map.. we finally found it. Settled down in a local restaurant which is packed with locals… Food must be good!

IMG_5130Sorry i couldnt really named all the food we ordered. We just simple point out the samples in front. Hehehehe!

IMG_5132We had this beef soup…. again..

IMG_5133Some spicy noodle….

IMG_5135And… the main course.. Pork Trotter. Shinny and silky smooth huh!

IMG_5136It was so good! (dont have the piggy smell if you were wondering) The pork is tender and juicy and the skin.. well, it will just make you keep eating. You doesnt feel the greasy aura from the pork trotter at all!

IMG_5138Lunch is not bad afterall!

IMG_5139Went to the train station to catch our 3 hours journey to Busan with KTX.

IMG_5142Reminder : Its better to pre-book the ticket earlier. We only booked the ticket a day before and most of the train were fully booked. Good seats as well.. what left is….

IMG_5143This.. an opposite direction ride for 3 hours… and facing some strangers. How awkward. hehehehe

IMG_5152We have to share the table with others so keren is shy. Can only hide between me and my bro. kelien. Huhuhuhu!

IMG_5154And after 3 hours… Hello Busan!! Its Popcorn Hostel that we are staying. Great Location. The night market is just in front. Hohoho!