Sushi Zanmai @ Sunway Pyramid

The First time i went to Sushi Zanmai… i love it. cant wait to go for the second time. The second time i went to Sushi Zanmai.. Superb! I think i really love it! The third time i revisited Sushi Zanmai.. i was very looking forward for that. I went to this branch at Sunway Pyramid. I have no idea why but i was disappointed. 🙁

The familiar menu 🙂

The best thing in a Japanese restaurant other than wasabi will be this!! The Pink Ginger~ *wee* i think both of us had 3/4 bowl finished!!!! seriously! Ginger lovers huh!

I had this… Tamago Mentai. One thing i love about Sushi Zanmai because they have lotsa mentai sushi

Mentai + Mayo + Grilled. Not only sweet, the sushi had the slight burnt aroma. oh my oh my!! it melted my heart *slurpsssss*

and the corn behind. hohoho! i forgotten to take the pic of it.

My all time favourite, Salmon Mentai…! Just before you bite the sushi.. the smell.. the mentai and the grilled salmon…. it will make your nostril happy! haha!

Inari Mentai… Mentai again!! lalalalalala!!

Unagi Sushi… i wonder can it be “mentai-ed”?

Unagi Handroll.. i didnt really try this.

Caterpilla Roll….. ^^ The second time i had this..

I love the combination of the Avocado fruit on top and the unagi in it! *yums*

Chicken Katsudon. I rarely opt for Chicken when i was having japanese food but i just craved for it that particular day

and it turned out fabulous. The meat was incredibly soft and juicy. The skin was crunchy although it was soaked in the egg sauce. *hmmm! i m hungry now*

Yasai Tempura Udon…! Variety of fried vegetables with a bowl of udon!

But the udon was rather tasteless though.

It was overall still tasty but… not as i expected anymore T.T