Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens, KL

Huhuhuhu! I m sooo sorry i lost the receipt of Sushi Zanmai…! Cant blog out the exact price and name of the dishes di. sobx!! but still.. i manage to find some online. *kekeke*

The one i went is located at The Gardens, If u have no idea which floor the restaurant is, ask someone from customer service counter. ^^

It is not recommended to go during lunch time or dinner time.. the queue will be freaking long k~

Ever since then.. sushi zanmai has bcum my favourite place for japanese food!!

The price is accordingly to the colour of the plates.. the cheapest one will be yellow- RM 1.60. Blue-RM 2.80. Pink-RM 3.80 Black- RM 4.80 and Red-RM 6.80. Roughly la.. i search in some blogs. hahaha!

My first choice.. Salmon Mentai Nigiri.. if not mistaken.. the mentai word means its topped with mayo and then grilled. OOOOOziing..! i think i can eat 10 of that! hahahaha!

Unagi sushi! Everyone’s favourite!!

Tamago Mentai… I love it when its MEntAI

Soft Shell Crab Maki… i don fancy fried stuff.. so its still ok with me. *teehehe* but a lot of ppl is in love with this particular dish i know! hahaha

SukiYaki… RM 15.80. A dish for two…!

its enough to fill ur hungry tummy!

ChawanMushi RM 4.80. Nothing to shout about i guess

Sashimi Salada with Wafu Dressing RM 12.80.

The zanmai own wafu dressing.. How can u not love?

My favourite—- Caterpilla Roll.. RM 12.80. I love it bcoz its topped with Avocado.. Sushi with Avocado.. reminds me of my almost-everyday-breakfast in Melbourne. Huhuhu! Just love it!!

Tamago and Unagi is wad you’ve got inside!! Tempting enuf?

Lastly.. i gave Natto a second try after my AWFUL experience of trying it out 1 year plus ago! hahaha!

NATTTOOOOO!!! Basically if u like Crayon SHin Chan.. u will roughly know wads that la.. not much explanation needed. if u don watch.. go and watched now. hahaha!

So its like some sticky smelly beans.. the more u mixed it…

the more it get sticky… *look like saliva kan*

Surprisingly.. NOT bad afterall!!!! LUN, its so much better than the one we tried last time… Moral of the story.. do not ever buy Packaged Natto in Supermarts. hahahaha!