TaiChung Must Eat : Big Juicy Goose 阿秋大肥鹅

One of the Must Eat in Taichung I would say. Really did fall in love with all the dishes in Big Juicy Goose. Also, a big thank you to Gary, our minsu host for introducing this restaurant! Big Juicy Goose is a fine restaurant with quite a few branches in TaiChung. We hopped in a cab and straight away proceed to our first meal in Taichung, which turn out to be the best. 🙂

DSC07640You can easily spotted the big signage along the road.

DSC07606 DSC07607 DSC07608 DSC07636Beautiful environment. Very good service and best of all — Yummylicious food!

So here we come. Food Food Food!

DSC07610Started off with their recommended freshly squeezed pomelo juice NTD 120 and bottled green tea NTD 60

DSC07611The signature dish of the restaurant. Must order! Roasted Goose! We ordered 1/4 portion to share. NTD 360.

DSC07616Crisp on the outside, skin is beautifully roasted and meat is so juicy and tender. Its like it locked all the goodness and everything in the meat.. oh oh oh. 

DSC07618Stir fry asparagus. NTD 190 for small portion.  Crunchy and very light. There is no overpowering from other ingredients, just the pure sweetness from the vegetables.

DSC07621Stir fry chives with crab meat. NTD 380

DSC07623OMG this is the must must order as well. Look at the generous portion of the chives and the size of all the crab meat. Or maybe I just love crab meat, it is still very tender after the stir fry. a mouthful of crab meat with the chives, together with a spoonful of white rice. Do you know what is happiness? ^^ And the sauce, perfect to go with the rice. I can gulp up the whole bowl of white rice if i wasn’t saving my tummy space for the next one.

Yes this is what i am saving my tummy space for. Pan fried pork liver. NTD 160

DSC07625i have been searching restaurant that serve this dish for a longest time because i dint get to try it in Taipei, for the past many many trips there. This is my MUST EAT DISH for the night and it never disappoint me. 

DSC07633It looks normal.. no it is not!! It is pan fried!! And it is never easy to have pan fried pork liver because you want it soft and fluffy inside but caramelized on the outside…

DSC07630The texture… better than i thought it would be. The liver is so juicy and fluffy.. before you even take the first bite, the aroma has already invaded our senses.. took the first bite, exploded! It is still very springy on the outside, perfectly caramelized but the inner part is still cook to perfection. How can right?? When can i eat you again? I am over satisfied of this dish. Or to say, everything in Big Juicy Goose! No regrets!

DSC07631Oh.. and.. they served their daily vegetables free of charge to the tables.. oh nom nom nom. I duno whats this but its nice…

DSC07609The bill comes up to be NTD 1419. Very reasonable especially when your tastebud and your tummy is fully pampered. I must say… MUST visit this restaurant if you are in TaiChung ya! 

Official Webbie : Big Juicy Goose Restaurant