TaiChung Must Eat : Da Feng Braised Layered Pork Rice 大豐爌肉飯

I know I know, I am rushing my ass off to finish all the Taiwan post if not I’ll be lazy after a while… So 3 more Taiwan posts from me. Hope it wont bored you guys. Kekekekeke!  拉了好久,台中篇差不多要到一段落了。还有三篇!三篇!希望不会把你们给闷到咯!

Not as fruitful as Taipei, I don’t get impressed by most of the food there.. I’ve share the top list of my Must Eat food in TaiChung — Big Juicy Goose.. and now, the second one — Da Feng Braised Layered Pork Rice. These two are most probably the only two dishes that impressed me throughout my trip to TaiChung Last Month and that’s why they deserve a separated post. Kekekeke! 台中食物偏淡。。而我这个重口味的人在这就没有太多非常满意的食物,唯有的就是之前介绍过的阿秋大肥鹅。。在来就是今天要带给你们的大豐爌肉飯。就只有这两样会让我吃得飞天的。

So in the map, this place look so near to our place… but actual walking took about 20 minutes which is not too far but consider far when we were hungry. hehe. 从手机GPS看起来一点都不远。就从我们住的地方多两条街而已。。而实际上。。当你肚子饿的时候。。一条街都感觉到好好好远啦!!!

DSC08010So I was overjoyed when I saw the this!! Finally here! Its located at Henan Road, Xitun District just along the roadside, very easy to find.. 一看到这个,就像饿鬼酱扑过去了!呵呵。很容易找,就在大路旁。。姜母鸭的隔壁

So we walked in and quickly grab the menu. *happiness overflow* 看看餐单。。不用看我已经知道要点什么了!

DSC08012Kong Rou Fan (Braised layered pork rice) ticked! And papa mama wanna try something special. So we easily just ordered a few to try out 🙂 就是在大门前那桶卤汁里飘啊飘的爌肉啦!!再来点其他的尝尝鲜!

DSC08013Prizes from this pork rice 🙂 拿奖的爌肉!

DSC08021So.. Mama’s fried chicken rice came first.. I’ll say its simple yet delicious. They have this special spices coated on the crispy skin, makes the chicken taste a lil more outstanding than others. 🙂 妈妈的鸡腿饭。看似单调普通可是它真的不错吃。有跳出一般鸡腿饭的格局!鸡腿的裹粉有家他们独家的香料。。有五香的味道又带点甜。。香脆的鸡皮,软嫩多汁的鸡肉。。让你一口接着一口!

DSC08019Papa’s braised beef rice. Hmmmm.. no mark from me. Very normal. Its like the normal homecook braised beef rice you can get anywhere. A no no for this. You can seriously skip this.. 爸爸的牛腩面。。好普通。不会留下任何影像。真的可以不用点。。不是不好吃,就是很大众的牛腩面。

Some side dish to share : 小吃小吃!

DSC08023Braised chinese cabbage. One of the signature side dish in the shop. You can notice almost every table has one. Taste wise, I think its slow cooked. Cabbage is sweet and mushy. I kinda of like it. 鲁白菜。几乎每一个桌上都有点。。煮到非常软烂。可是包菜很甜。。也非常入味。

DSC08022Mixed pork soup. Nothing to shout about. For me, its too mild. But the intestine and pork parts were cleaned properly. I would put extra 1 teaspoon of pepper to my liking. Hehehehehe 综合汤。也是他们家必点的。。可是对重口味的我来说就还好。。非常清淡。。就那淡淡的胡椒香。。可是猪的部位处理的非常好。。没有异味可以安心的吃。如果给我来说,再加一茶匙的胡椒粉就太好了!哇哈哈哈哈!

And DANG DANG DANG DANG!!!! The signature MUST ORDER : 主角来了!!

DSC08017The braised layered pork rice!!!! 爌肉饭!!!!! 

DSC08024_pLook at the pork!! Are you excited? I AM!! I requested for the not to fat one.. The thickness of the skin and the meat is very proportionate. The pork skin aka  my favourite collagen, is very shiny.. Oh! Do you realised there is no excess fat on that piece of goodness? 爌肉饭!!大爱大爱!看着那层次分明的爌肉饭真的很动心耶!还有还有。。那个油亮油亮光滑的皮。。开心爆了!哦。。还有还有。。有没有发现都没有那层让你害怕的肥油?

Braised layered pork, they get rid of the excess fat (which lays between the skin and the meat) the part that most people do not like, and most people do not like to eat pork skin because there is a layer of fat attached to it.. but this one…. no fat underneath the skin!! The basically took out the layer of fat and use stick to reattached the skin and the meat before bringing it to braise. 他们家的爌肉已去肥了(肥油是指那在猪皮和猪肉之间那肥肥白白的一层)也是他家会害怕吃的。我相信很多人都不敢吃猪皮就是因为误解猪皮一定是带着那块油一起吃的。。但是他们就是会让你刮目相看! 他们把那层油去除掉了然后在用竹签把皮和肉固定在一起才拿去焖煮的。

DSC08015So what you have here is a shiny piece of skin and the very moist and tender meat. First bite of the skin send you directly off  to orgasm! Its is soft but springy. No weird fat smell that you dislike, just a very mild and fragrant soy sauce aroma. Simplicity is the best. 焖煮出来的就是那晶莹透亮油滋滋的猪皮。。还有还有焖到非常软Q的肉。第一口就已经让你飞天了。简单的酱油味就是一个非常好下饭的极品!

A perfect bowl of pork, a spoonful of salted vegetables and pickles.yum yum yum! You made my evening full of happiness! 一碗软嫩多汁的爌肉,一匙甜酸适中的酸菜,还有爽口的茶铺,这就是让你忘不了的晚餐!

DSC08028_p*slurp slurp slurp* You know what I slurp right.. *dancing in circle*  是不是跟我一样,迫不期待的现在就想要一口呢!

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