Taipei : Day 1 & 2

Taipei (17-18.04.2013) – I decided to drag my ass and blog about Taipei 2013. Sorry if the pictures below disappoint you because i am too lazy to edit each and every of the photos. I figured out if i edited and categorized it post by post.. i will never get to post it anymore.. or edit til half way.. get sick of it… and it will remain in my photo album forever… like my 2011 and 2012 Taiwan, melbourne and bangkok posts !!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Went for a one week trip to taipei. Wanted to explored Taichung but failed. Well, its ok.. im sure i will have chance to come back again. hahaha. Maybe not so soon but will be! Teehehehe! Arrived late around 11pm at my hostel near Ximending. I dint plan anything for this trip so i cant even remember the place i’ve stayed for like a week. Hahahaha. Well update it once i figure it out. Anyway.. it is a very nice bali themed room..

And the best of it.. 7/11 and family mart is just downstairs. And Ximending is just a corner. Such a lovely location.

Went to hunt for food at XImending around 12am. And lucky enough for me, Ximending is still open. Phew..

I dint realized this is a great invention until few days later when the walking increases.. ahhh! how i wish i had one of this!

I guess i was too hungry until i forgot to snap a photo of my food T.T

But i had the ingredient here. Guess what? *noms*

The next morning.. walked across that little corner for breakfast hunt. They have beautiful temple just situated between shoplets.. i guess people can jus randomly go in and pray if they feel like. more convenient ba. 🙂 Oh.. and see whose here, can order lotsa food and share di! Muhahaha!

Randomly walked pass a stall. Selling Pork Ribs Noodle.

Still nice.. but nothing to shout about. Wuwuwuwu.. but one edible side dish..

Marinated pig ears served cold. Noms* Chewy and crunchy!

Moved on and proceed to breakfast hunt.. Randomly passed by this signboard and remembered the Taxi driver’s recommendation.

Wooots. Am i this lucky? *grin*

The lady boss is very friendly. chit chat with us and joke as well. She recommended the mix beef noodles.. consist of everything of a cow’s part. NTD 280 which is around RM29++ .

But ill say its worth it.. Look at the big Portion. It can easily feed 5. I’ll say its not the best beef noodle among those i had in Taiwan but definately Top 5.. 🙂

We were too early… Most of the outlet is still closed..

So.. just randomly take some silly pics until someone needs to find a toilet =_=

Look around the area.. No shops open yet lei… walked like a hundred mile and finally spotted an underground shopping mall which is punctual enough to operate at 10am

Lepak until almost 11am and decided to explore Ximending. Hopefully more shops are open by then

Oh… hello cutie. Saw tis white puppy whenever i am at Ximending. HAhaha.. Must be like one of those gangster pups who stroll around this area *grin*

Ahhh… i regret not buying this. Hahahaha!!! *cough*

After a rushing shopping spree… *rushing as in because the Taipei itinerary is kinda packed, so i thought i would never come back XimenDing already* I gasp back to hotel for a rest until the next meet up around 6pm to ShihLin Night Market. Oh no.. by the time i done shopping.. it was around 7pm di. SO the next meet up time will be 8pm. Hahahaha!

Oh.. Because of the oh-so-rush shopping spreee.. i forgot to had my lunch. But i am blessed enough that the famous TongHua Street Lu Rou Fan is just across my hostel… Run and Tabao!!! and Oh nom nom nom! *Happpy* I had these like 3 times in a week. SO good!

It was until 8pm and we meet up to hunt for food again.. Anything that you are lazy to research or whatsoever. You can just ask the information counter. OF coz.. not asking how to go Shihlin Night market lar.. was asking for the train timetable to go TaiChung but ended up din go also lar.. so dont bother. >.<

Arrived ShihLin Night Market. Crowded as usual..

One Thing that I discovered.. Because the last few times i visited Taipei is either LATE AUTUMN or WINTER.. (this time is obviously spring la).. I have no idea Shopping can be so good at ShihLin Night Market.. I bought like 11 pairs of shoes at XimenDIng… scare die like i knot find shoes else where.. just hit it hard on my face… YES.. i bought 11 pairs of shoes that afternoon at XiMenDing.. price ranging from RM25 to mostly RM39. and FML they all sold at RM16.8 or RM20 at ShihLin Night Market!! FML!!!! FML!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHH!! i cant stop screaming!!! Why lar that previous few trips of mine to Taipei.. ShihLin Night Market just seems so boring.. Why isit now so many things to buy…. EMOOOOOOOOO…

I think i should get out of the open space night market.. Hello Doggy

Emo of shopping so i escape to this underground food court

I wanted to try this.. the Jumbo Sausage.. NTD 10 which is around RM11. But guess my tummy knot accommodate other food if i consumed that. So i choose to just shared some duck blood, oyster pancake with the lovey dovey.

Oh.. Nearly bought this cute umbrella but luckily my “rationale” stop me.