Taipei : Day 6 & 7

Taipei – YAY! Almost done with my Taiwan Trip 2013. Hahaha. Day 6 & 7 will be a boring one. Just bare with it nah. hehehe!

Day 6. Nothing to do.. SO… i.. decided to.. do the tourist thing..

Go to the Sun Yat San Memorial Hall. HAHAHAHAHA! Kong jin jin!

And stare at this pic for around 15 minutes.. trying to figure out which one is the wife started to love this pic. wtf! hahaha!

Went for a walk around Taipei 101 area and discover the thing!

FREEE BIKE for first half and hour using yoyo Card! FML! why need to wait til day6 only discovered. Grrrr! and basically all the ride is free because… play cheat.. i ride for half an hour until other station.. clock in.. and clock out another bike.. and use for another half an hour. hahahaha! Ooops. Not a good thing to share here right. Wuwuwu~

Aimlessly riding.. and GOD is so good to me.. i discovered something again while i was busy looking for the bike station…

The “most awesomemest” pig intestine red mee sua!!!!!!!

HOW CAN YOU BE SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!! AND Y R U HIDING BEHIND THE ALLEY~ *in tears* This is probably the best mee sua i had ever had throughout my many many taiwan trips. and.. please don compare to Ah Zhong Mee Sua.. this is like 10 times better than that!

*No photos di because i get bored.. went back to my room and hope in the train and spend my whole night shopping at SHihLin Night Market* HOHOHOHO

Day 7 – Run outta cash. Emo + emo. Cant do shopping anymore.. and i opt for the most time consuming yet cheapest activity. I should have just buy some food and sleep in the hotel

I went to the Z-O-O. Hello Kids!

Zoo is so much fun back then in 2010 when i went with my family. Now.. there is no animal shows… not much feeding scene for tourist… AHHHH! Plain BORING.

Oh.. except that you can still see the Panda!

I mean REAL Panda of coz.. hello Tuan Tuan. Where is Yuan Yuan?

After a 2 hours walk.. exhausted… found a place to sit beside the gorilla Bar…

And sun bian trying to be a pro and observed the gorilla daily life. Gosh..


Tummy Growls.. Together with ahbuu.. we went to try the so-called new crystal cable car~

WOoots. Ahbuu! nice mou?

Went all the way up there to hunt for food.

Filled me tummy with so-so food and wait for the bus to head back to the cable station.. i know..

Anyway…!! LEt me end this boring post with this!

THIS IS EVERYWHERE at XIMENDING and all Night Markets. i Called it.. THE FAMOUS YELLOW DOG! HOHOHO.  —————- The End