Taipei & HsinChu : Day 3 & 4

Taipei (19.4.2013) – Went to the LongShan Temple for a visit. Woots! Tips : You can count your love fate. Tehehehehe… After the visit to LongShan Temple, do not miss the food area around that MRT station. One of my very very very famous is this dessert shop just around the corner. They served lotsa varieties of old school dessert, had been recorded and interviews by many food and entertainment shows and therefore.. i think the quality drop a bit as compared to the previous time i went.

This is two of the famous best selling dessert. Cheese wrapped in glutinous rice ball served with peanut and sugar. Another one is my all-time-favourite.. i can finish the whole bowl by myself. Peanut soup with traditional sweeten pastry. Mad LOVE!

This is the No.1 best seller.. the one i think the quality dropped a lil bit. It is supposed to have lotsa cheese ooozing out from the rice ball once you poke it.. but now… the cheese portion reduced. 🙁

After the sweet stuff.. obviously i am craving for the salty food! Its early in the morning bah! Went to HuaXi Street to hunt for food. This year, i found it quite different as some of the shop had been demolished and some areas are under massive renovation.

However, i managed to try the Goose Meat which i failed to try few times in my previous trip. Woots. It came out Not bad at all. THe goose meat is tender and juicy. I personally love the red homemade sauce. Its a lil bit sweet and sour with a special aroma which add a lot of flavors to the goose itself

One of my favourite, Taiwanese local burger. Certainly not the best. I prefer the one beside WuFenPu which use minced pork instead of slice pork. slurps

We also tried different food while we were exploring..

Tainan Steamed rice pudding and ShiMu fish soup

We even tried eating on the street. Authentic STREET food. hahaha. Left to the right we have fried ShiMu Fish, Stirred BeeHoon and Squid thick soup. Noms!

Hello Shiba Inu~

After our tummies were satisfied with the food.. we proceed to WuFenPu for shopping. I personally like to shop with ladies which the same channel.. A friend of mine.. an anime freak.. shopped with her once.. and.. disaster.. keep pulling me to those anime style shops.. i Wannna cry.. so i decided.. either ill shop alone peacefully.. or go with a normal lady but also shop separately to save time. Wise Choice!

Just Before we started to Shop, we went to makan again.. I JUST CANT RESIST this one!

I never missed this particular chain outlet stall selling lu rou fan (braised pork rice)

Just tick tick tick tick.. they have extremely reasonable price with guaranteed quality of food.

And Tada! Feast! Dig In!! *oh nom nom nom*

After WuFenPu, we head up to RaoHe Night Market which is like a street behind WuFenPu to settle dinner cum supper..

RaoHe Night Market is like 3 times more crowded than ShihLin.. basically because the street is smaller as well. But i personally prefer the food at Raohe. More choices and the quality is better as well.. for my preference.

One of the best i had in RaoHe this trip was the roasted pork

The Tauke is such a badass. hahaha. Badass as in the good one. He let everyone to try his roasted pork and if its nice.. only you can place order. I placed an order for the basic one. Pork meat with crispy skin..

Waited cheerfully for like around 20 mins. Cheerfully as in because the boss keep entertaining us.. So.. time pass very quickly without notice.. and the best part is.. the boss actually packed his special smoked pork ribs for us because he say he kept us waiting. OMG… and have i not say, while we were waiting.. he already keep feeding us with his roasted pork and pork ribs to keep us busy eating. OMG. Such a generous badass boss. Thats y i remember u! HAHAHA!

Apart from that, we had this juicy BBQ oysters..

Refreshing lemon BBQed mushroom..

Pig blood Glutinous rice stick coated with sweet sauce, peanuts, chilli sauce and corriander

and.. NTD 19 outlet… which is like RM 2 for everything. I bought lotsa really useful stuff! HAHAHA

Oh.. and before i forgot.. i got this cute sales girl selling clothes and hats for dogs..

Hello cute-ness! i iz a deer~

Day 4 : Hsin Chu

Decided to lure Christine to Hsin Chu as she never go as well.. As i said.. I m a big fan of comfort food…

And i love making them love it too. I succeed obviously.

Steamed pork and leek dumplings. As yummy as you can think of

Proceed to Taipei Main Station and use the Train line to go to Hsin Chu. You can always use your yoyo card but its so much better to get a train ticket to secure a seat for you to sleep throughout the one hour journey.

I had ahbuu with me. Used yoyo card and ended up no vacant seats. Lesson learnt. Bought train ticket while we otw home to Taipei and slept like pig in the train. hohoho

Hello Hsin Chu!

The main attraction that we were looking for – The Cheng Huang Temple Food Market. But on our way hunting for the place… we dropped by this small outlet to give the Oyster & Pig Intestine Mee Sua for a try..

Just so so.. until i saw this…

Chilli Oil From HELL… the boss ask me to just add in ONE drop. Being a cilipadi fans and being a big fans of spicy.. i m so reluctant to obey the boss.. However… the boss insist just one drop.. Ok lor.. jus one drop lor.. and that one drop burnt my throat.. ahhhh!!! how does chilli oil can be that fcking spicy!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i SALLLLUUUUTTTEEEE YOU boss!!!

After lotsa coke and beverages.. i manage to find the place.. Cheng Huang Temple

And the hidden treasure of all time… The Legendary BeeHoon. Had been operating for more than 60 years..

The Beehoon was moist and fragrant.. i can eat 3. hahahaha! Apart from that particular stall selling steamed stir fried bee hoon.. you can just walked away..

This Oyster omelette was horrible.. i think i m chewing the flour more than anything else…

The Taiwanese traditional meatball.. the one u get in any night market will be 10 times better than this one T.T

Basically.. thats wad i know about Hsin Chu because i m quite tired already and the last 2 items make me unhappy. So.. jus decided to head back to Taipei.

And enjoy my 1 hour train ride sleeping… and continue sleeping when i reach my room. Life’s Good! hehehe!