The Junk

Stevo. JF. Rose and I went to The JUnk for Dinner last night.. Can u imagine four of us can finish all those??! *hiak hiak hiak*

Basically.. i jus wanna try out my new toy nah.. After screening through all the pictures.. haih.. really got lotsa things to learn in using this big toy lah.. the pictures arent impressive. *sobx*

Anyhow.. we enjoyed the meal!

Stevo’s favourite Seafood Noodle.. ahyien dislike. *hiak hiak*

JF’s brilliant order. Fettuniccine Carbonara. *slurps* my favourite. Creamy and SINFUL!!! hor ahlost~

Mushroom pizza.. i m loyal to carbonara. hahaha!

Midin Salad..The signature dish of Bla Bla Bla and The Junk

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Wing.

Total Damage : RM 126

Happy Sunday people!