Tokyo 1 : Harajuku, Angel hearts crepe, Yoshinoya, Shinjuku, E Hotel Higashi

[ 24.11.2013] Tokyo Day 1… Bought our tourist 2-days pass & suica metro card for our one week trip in Japan. 2 days pass is definately recommended if you have planned your itinerary well because the cost of the metro ticket in Japan is definately not cheap at all. Both of us had literally spent more than 6000 Yen each for the one week metro ride only.. which is equivalent to almost RM 200 per person excluding the first 2 days using the tourist pass….just to ride on metro 🙁

20131124_052657And.. the tourist pass doesnt include the fare from Airport to Shinjuku (where our hotel located). So, make sure you fully utilized your tourist card for the first 2 days.


IMG_2657_editThe metro station is the first place where we started to admire the world of Vending Machines.


IMG_2663We stay at E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku. It is located just beside the Higashi Shinjuku Station Exit A1. Perfect location…


20131128_002504See… Its really just beside. Less than 5 steps from the A1 exit. Hahaha…  and there is Lawson & 7 eleven just few steps after. Tully Coffee house is attached. Great!

But we can only checked in after 3pm. Sadness… After exploring the higashi shinjuku area… we hoped into Fukutosine Line and make our way to Harajuku >;D Thanks to our pocket wifi we rent in the airport.. it makes life easier for us especially we were travelling on our own…


IMG_2667Harajuku is a very beautiful place.. peaceful but at the same time.. its a shopping heaven 🙂 Especially when we found this very famous street between harajuku & omote-sando.



IMG_2683Takeshita Street!! It was crowded with people on  the Sunday Morning!! We explore a lil bit and my eyes were searching for the Angel Hearts crepe.. the one i’ve always wanted to try…

IMG_2693Oh.. one more thing.. Sunday is a good time to explore Harajuku… They dressed up like cosplay and jus walked around the street. Hahaha.. theres a lot of funny one like power rangers running through us but was too amazed by the scene so forgot to take pic.. =__= fml

IMG_2695But at least i have some lolitas to show you. kekeke!

IMG_2685Walked pass a lot of crepe shop and i saw Angel Heart crepe! *screaaamm* but was too hungry so decided to grab some lunchie first. hehehehe!

We settled down at Yoshinoya. A chain outlet which operates 24 hours. Woots!

IMG_2672Impressed with the fast service and the food is just awesome


IMG_2676Bun ordered the kinda yakitori style bird/chicken…. the rice is so fragrant.. the sauce is like the burnt barbaque sauce and well, i actually can finish off the whole bowl of rice. Muahahaha.

IMG_2674I ordered the beef slices with leek & raw egg

IMG_2681This is how the picture in the menu look like. Hehehe. Not bad right… *stir stir stir & gulp* Oh nom nom nom. Satisfying 🙂 and the price? It only cost us 940 Yen ( RM 31) Cheap!

I quickly run to the direction of the Angel Heart Crepe… *touched*

IMG_2687Finally saw it with my own eyes…

IMG_2689_editI oledi have a mindset that its gonna be good… BUT… amazingly.. it exceeded my expectation..

Its not only good. Its SOOOOO good. I ordered Strawberry cheesecake crepe. They actually have a whole slice of very moist cheesecake and fresh fruits and lotsa cream.

IMG_2691The cream is the one that did the magic. Why on earth will the cream taste so goood! I always thought Australia have the best cream served… but.. this one is far more better…

IMG_2692Even bun bun who doesnt love crepe say he have to surrender for this one. So good. just so good. I thought all japanese cream is like that… but well, ive tried another 2 crepe outlet and i was wrong. Very sad. Only Angel Heart crepe have this awesome cream. *miss miss*

IMG_2688I’m a happy girl. Crepe is at the top list of the thing i missed in Japan. *cries*

After the happy crepe session… we went for a lil bit of shopping spree but was too tired but we dint sleep well the night before… Hence, we decided to head back to get a good rest before the next destination.

E Hotel Higashi


IMG_2699The room is exactly like the picture shown when i make the reservation. So small… But tis very clean… The location is good and vending machine is just outside of our room. How convenient.

IMG_2700The room is so small that we couldnt even fit in our 2 big luggages. Hohoho.

IMG_2701But overall, we were satisfied with our hotel. Very good. Its around RM 350 per night for a double room.

By the time we woke up. Its already 8pm *horror* we just wasted the first day sleeping in our hotel. hohohohoho.


IMG_2730Rushed up, make up, hope into the train and reach Shinjuku at around 9.30pm. Earlier on i’ve planned to try on the best ramen recommended by the locals… Thanks to our pocket wifi again…. we found it in less than 10 minutes!! 😀

IMG_2705Tadaaaa… queue up, order your ramen via the vending machine and go back outside to queue for your turn.

20131124_210016We were panic at first because this is definately our first time using the vending machine to order ramen… tips : Order the most expensive one. Hehehe!

20131124_210058We waited for around 20 minutes for the seats.


IMG_2709Love how they served you. there are 2 big bowls of beansprout with sesame oil and marinated vege for you to go with your ramen. And of coz, marinated ginger and a few types of spices *love*

IMG_2714My order turned out to be the Tonkatsu Ramen with egg. The Char siu is a legend!

IMG_2712*Mad Love* The ramen was so good. and the portion is…. so big.. i couldnt finish it.. but to force myself to swallow almost 3/4 of the portion…. because i scare the chef not happy ma. kekeke

IMG_2717Bun ordered the dry ramen dipped in their specialty sauce, like a soba style.

20131124_213218When you are done with the ramen, they will provide you with a bowl of plain porridge for you to go with their specialty sauce. *yums*


20131124_211332-horzYou can never imagine how full we were. But satisfied. The bill cost us around 2400 Yen ( RM 80 )

IMG_2713eHappily explore shinjuku after our heavy dinner cum supper.

IMG_2719Oh..most shopping malls and outlets closed at 8pm in Tokyo, so if you are like me… who overslept , don missed out this shop, Don Quixote. Don quixote sell everything you can think of. From branded bags, comestic, mens & ladies wear, cute stuff, electronics, household stuff to food & snacks…. and the best thing is.. it opens from 11am to 5am!!

IMG_2731We shopped until nearly 2am and well, that place is still crowded XD

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