Tokyo 2 : Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara, Testa Rossa Pudding, Ameyoko Night Market

Despite all the busy schedule, i must post! muahahaha! Ahlost know me so well, if dint post then i will neglect it until duno how many years di. lalalalala

[25.11.13] Second day of Tokyo, my favourite day out of all and a very fulfilling day. Love it. Despite we woke up late again, hehehehe.,. we were able to go most of the place as planned, except Akihabara which we have to forgo because most of the outlets were closed once we reached there.

20131125_100146Second day was to explore Asakusa, the ride with the metro took us more than half an hour to reach there. We used Fukutoshin line to Ikebukuro and switch to Marunouchi Line to Hongo Sanchome. We stopped at Hongo Sanchome for some quick breakfast like what most of the locals did

20131125_103804The crowded Onigiri Shop…


20131125_104319-horzBun chose the very healthy grain with salmon.. huhuhu.. we bu dong de xing shang 🙁

20131125_105109Done with Onigiri and we proceed to Oedo Line from Hongo Sanchome to Kuramae then change to Asakusa line straight to Asakusa Station 🙂


IMG_2733Hello Asakusa

IMG_2737Can see the famous Tokyo Skytree just in front of us. *nice nice*

IMG_2738_editWe then stopped by the famous Kaminarimon Gate aka the Thunder Gate (??) It was so crowded. The Gate is so famous. Guess it was one of the main attraction in Tokyo.

IMG_2755_editWe tried to camwhore.. but the scenery is too beautiful to not take the whole picture in it..

IMG_2743_editNow, one of the hardest thing we encountered in Japan… Sorry if i m wrong but so far, all the japanese we have requested to help us to take photos…. don really take good photos… Its like.. you r with a building.. and they only take photo of you.. without the building… -_- i was like.. Hmmm… *ill show u an example in my next post*

IMG_2746_editSo we were like targeting those tourist with DSLR..

IMG_2747_editFirst victim.. Hmmmm… well.. Second victim.. hmmm… Third one.. huhuhu.. got better la right.. Fourth one.. ok nah.. at least the Kaminarimon gate is there T.T

IMG_2752Feeling excited.. here we go..!! Start exploring!

IMG_2761I was very excited because.. i’ve read a lot about this and now i m really here to experience their food and culture myself! *weeee*


IMG_2759Lets look around..




IMG_2804Explore explore.. Its really exactly like what i saw in the website. Muahahahahaha*


IMG_2758Then we came across this first stall which caught our attention because a lot of people and queuing up.. ok.. lets try

20131125_112905Duno what is that.. like very sweet mochi with some peanut powder.. Hmmm.. not my type of thing.. He doesnt really like it too… maybe jus not our type of thing because i can hear people ‘oishi oishi” beside us. Hehe

20131125_113002And this certainly some kind of rice wine.. wow! o.O

IMG_2763Moving on to our makan makan journey, Bun stopped at this rice cracker shop…

IMG_2766Nice ma bun? nice ma nice ma?

IMG_2769And there were a lot of.. tricycle? Dint get to try it because both of us wanted to go shopping more. hehe

IMG_2771Bun  craved for ice cold coffee.. and guess what.. kelien bun.. we didnt know that one was the vending machine for HOT coffee.. hehehehe!! totally lost appetite jor him..

IMG_2772Along the street there were too many stalls that distracted us but happy enough… we bought quite a few things

IMG_2774and somehow we walked and connected to this street with magnificent views..


IMG_2777Look at these colorful trees. So beautiful..

IMG_2778We spend sometime hunting for those beautiful japanese girls walking around that area..

IMG_2779Sorry gonna flood you guys with some colourful trees

IMG_2783Bun wanted to take a pic with his NHK network. hehehe. cute!

And we accidentally bumped into the very small outlet with very very long queue..

IMG_2784Not this one.. this one too long..

IMG_2786Ahhh.. this one…

IMG_2788Fresh from the wok.. juicy meatballs?

IMG_2795This one is really good.. initially we bought one to try..

IMG_2797It was mind blowing.. the meat is tender, juicy and seasoning is just so prefect, it makes us craving for even more.. so we buy another one.. *oh nom nom nom*

Continue our journey walking walking walking.. shopping shopping shopping





IMG_2814samuraiii sword.. don play play



IMG_2809Until we reached this particular shop i read in some reviews

IMG_2811_editTheir traditional waffle alike paste with red bean inside

20131125_133550We walked into another alley and saw Fugu fish…

Oh ya.. at Tokyo, it was quite frequent to see people filming

IMG_2820It was around 3pm when we decided to have our late lunch..

IMG_2821Sushi Go-Around..



20131125_141427-horzIt was a very budget franchise kaiten sushi restaurant.. Lets try

IMG_2822It was ok… but certainly better than those we have in Malaysia. Cant belief we ate so little. muahaha *shy*

20131125_141841They serve very fine tea leaves as well.

IMG_2823Jus after we walked out from the restaurant… theres this cute rabbit.. doing some campaign..

IMG_2825_editAnd of coz.. we snap snap.. of coz we have no idea what is say.. probably.. :”Dont eat lebbit” kekekekeke!

Oh ya.. another cute thing.. these talking soft toys!! xiao xiun!! So cute!!

20131125_123007Guess what.. ive experienced it with the cute bunny! *click click*

so u can imagine when u r talking in the outlet.. every bunnies, bears, dogs, cats, sheeps, birds, chicken are all talking together with you. 

IMG_2830We walked back to where we belong.. the asakusa street and further down to the temple area..


IMG_2874This is how beautiful it is…


IMG_2834_editand this is now difficult it is as well to find someone who know how to take nice pictures to help us take nice pictures, *sad* If you are wondering why complain complain.. why don wan to use tripod… FML.. i was banned to use Tripod in almost ALL of the place in tokyo. FML. 

IMG_2837_editShoo shoo.. cool down.. ok.. you know i get short tempered when i am not able to get nice photos..

IMG_2840_editOh.. at least… we were lucky to have this causacian lady who took the most beautiful pictures among others during our Tokyo Trip. Thanks a lot lady 🙂 


IMG_2841Everyone is busy taking pic with the macho dog.. no one seems to pamper this cutie pie..

IMG_2843hehehehe! Hello



IMG_2876Anyway… it was around 4pm when the sky started to get dark… i know.. winter maybe.. day light is just so valuable

First time seeing the real corgi!!!! So cute!! i wan a corgi!!!

20131125_153219-horzCorgi when saw bun VS corgi when saw me. Muahaha. I m cuter right




IMG_2898We had our last snack, the potato/yam alike dessert before we left the Kaminarimon Gate..

IMG_2900Target set, GPS set and now its time to truly search for my ultimate reason to Asakusa. The Testa Rossa Pudding. Read the reviews everywhere.. and i will not miss it..

IMG_2901Surprisingly, it was so near.. jus turn right and walked straight when you are at the Kaminarimon Gate, one of the alley you passed by, theres a big pudding signage di. Muahahaha!


IMG_2910So easy to find. I am a happy girl once again. imba waiter sending a bowl of ramen using bicycle

IMG_2904Theres too many flavours to choose from but only two filled tummies. *cries*

IMG_2908We chose the original one and the green tea

IMG_2913This is the second thing which came in above my expectation.

IMG_2914The pudding is so creamy.. so milky and so smooth… silky smooth i mean it . It just melted with a creamy fragrant finishing in my mouth. Oh no Oh no oh no.. how can anyone missed this one!

20131125_160847We took a short rest enjoying our pudding before we proceed to our next destination. Ueno!

IMG_2918From Asakusa station, we took Ginza line to Ueno, the third stop. it was around 6pm when we reached Ueno.. we headed to our destination directly, Ameyoko Night Market.


IMG_2940Ameyoko is the only black market left in Tokyo at the moment. We dint see anything :”black” there tho.. but its fun, i think the whole Ueno trip is very fullfilling. hehehe!



IMG_2935It is such an eye opener, we saw this very very very big.. what shud we call this..? the “tiger machine” all the game machine center..


IMG_2938OMG.. it was HUGE!!!!! HUGGGEEE!!!.. age from 18 to 60.. you can see all of them hiding inside here… stunned!!


IMG_2924Bun fell in love with this seafood stall

IMG_2926You choose you favourite seafood, they will either serve you fresh or boiled

20131125_174838 IMG_2929Yum yum yum yum*

IMG_2930_editLook at the scallop, it was as big as my palm

20131125_174838and… very sweet….!! cooked to prefection and all the sweetness sealed.

IMG_2947next up will be the king crab leg, it was as good as the scallop but scallop is still the queen 😀


We ended our Ueno trip with yakiniku. Love the environment. Love the food

IMG_2948Lucky for us, theres some chinese working there and he translated all the japanese menu for us. Thanks a lot

20131125_192820We order the Japanese prime beef

20131125_192743Pork chop and chicken soft bone

20131125_192750The greens

20131125_193032You certainly need some skill on this grilled. if not….

20131125_194422hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh Oh.. i have this apple beer, nice!!! This is the only alcohol i have during the whole tokyo trip. unbelievable right! 😀

We rushed to Akihabara around 9,30pm and was disappointed because most of the shop are already closed. Fast fast bought a bun in a bakery dont say i never stepped in Akihabara and run to the station under a heavy pourinf rain *insert sad face*

20131126_000832Nevermind, at least i still have this apple cheese bun. *yums*

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