Tokyo 5 : Tsukiji Fish Market, Sushi Dai, Roppongi, Shibuya, Ichiran Ramen, Christmas Illumination

[28.11.2013] Finally had the time to continue my Tokyo day 5! Day 5 is for Tsukiji Fish Market!! Tsukiji fish market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world and also one of the largest wholesale food markets of any kind. And the Tuna auction is definitely one of the most powerful attraction in Tokyo, apart from that, it has been one of my top list for places to visit since i was younger. However, this time, i decided to forgo the opportunity of visiting the auction because 1.) bun is not that keen 2.) have to wake up around 4am to queue for your turn 3.) i already request bun to accompany me to queue up for Sushi Dai and i feel guilty jor. hehehehe… SO… its ok!! FOOD is more important! Muahahahahahahaa!!

IMG_3623We woke up at around 8am to prepare ourselves for the food hunting in Tsukiji Fish Market.

How to go to Tsukiji Fish Market : From my hotel (Higashi-Shinjuku) take Oedo Line E02 (pink line) and straight to E18 (TsukijiShijo). Follow the sign board stating Tsukiji Fish Market, you wont miss it

IMG_3366You can easily spot Sushi Dai, if you are not keen of queuing up, you can always opt for Sushi Daiwa, which is like faster because the outlet is bigger as well. I still stand firm for my Sushi Dai.. and it took me 3 hours and 45 minutes to queue up for that!

IMG_3416Worth it? definitely WORTH it.. worth until i think Sushi Dai deserved a separated post. Muahahaha.. Click here : Sushi Dai, Tsukiji Fish Market

20131128_140035-horzWe left Tsukiji Fish Market with a happy tummy and happy heart!

Our next stop is Roppongi… continue using the Oedo line (pink line) from Tsukijishijo E18 to E23 Roppongi.




IMG_3496Doesnt have any plan in mind so we just loiter around..

IMG_3516Until we saw this..

IMG_3498Tokyo Tower! Hehehehe…

IMG_3549*snap snap* I doesnt really watch Japanese movie.. i just heard from a friend ryan saying that Tokyo Tower is often recorded in Japanese movie. Its an icon huh! hehe

anigifHaving a hard time to capture a proper picture because of the sun. *blame the sun* hehehe!! Almost gave up looking at those exposed picture while suddenly i saw bun coming along..

20131128_150431EEE… so sweet… He bought crepe for me!! Hehehehehe!

20131128_150448*oh nom nom nom* No more emo-ness of ugly pictures. huhuhuhu!


IMG_3621We passed by this beautiful garden while we were looking for way out



IMG_3581Dont you just love the landscape!

IMG_3601Being a hardworking instagramer. Muahahaha

IMG_3618Byebye Beautiful Roppongi..

Went back to our hotel to have a rest before proceed to our shopping plan at Shibuya. From our hotel station, Higashi Shinjuku, use Fukutoshin line (brown line) F12 to F16 Shibuya. Thats it 🙂

20131128_191322This is the famous Hachiko statue.. its smaller than i thought but still.. he is still the lovely dog. 🙂

20131128_191411And the famous Shibuya crossing again. It amazed me no matter how many times i witness it. hahaha.. *suaku mode*

No pictures between this time of period because we were really busy shopping. Kakaka.. until when most of the malls start to closing… *it was only like 9,30pm* sadness…

20131128_210855We went to this famous Ichiran Ramen chain outlet… Love their system.. *suaku mode arise*

How to place an order in Ichiran Ramen :

1.) Vending Machine Time.. Press your preferred ramen and add in toppings if  you want. (for me, i add an egg)


2.) Take your ticket and wait for your turn


3.) Waiter will hand you this form to select your preferred spiciness and hardness of your ramen. Ask for english version if you dont understand japanese.


4.) Look at the seat plan at your waiting area. If that particular seats lighted green. Means the seat is available


5.) Go to your designated seats.. its like a cell. Hahahaha



6.) They will open up the “little window” in front of you to serve  you your ramen. *slurps*


7.) For me, i prefer to open up the cell between bun and i.. more spacious ma.. Muahahaha..

20131128_213529Oh… you can hang your clothes behind you too.



20131128_213955My egg arrived first… hehe.. and its even better if you have someone to peel the egg for you… feels like a queen. muahahaha

20131128_213403My ramen!!!

20131128_214033Look at the egg… it is soo creamy!

20131128_223520Last pic.. a Christmas Illumination pic to distract myself from Hunger while i m writing this. Wuakakaka!



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