Twinsky Seafood Restaurant @ KK

HELLO PPL… I M BACK to BLOGGING FINALLY! sorry was missing in action for weeks coz of coz personal reason nah~ teehehehe!

We just came back from KK, apart from being extremely tanned and roasted… we have tried all the famous must-try food/dishes. Some were extremely satisfying.. some were jus so-so.

And this so far the best we had in KK. Twinsky Seafood!

We din go for the famous Ocean Seafood Village bcoz we heard thats extremely expensive coz its one of the main tourist attraction. But.. mayb ill giv it a try next time. *teehehe*

So this twinsky seafood restaurant share similar concept of Ocean Seafood Village.. they have big tanks of seafood swimming around waiting to be eaten….!

Some unique one really caught my attention.. know wad??

This one! Don ask me to translate to english.. i duno. huhuhu! oh.. btw. its kinda a prawn species!

Lai niu ha~ Oh.. so pity…….. i wanted to try this one but… not everyone can take seafood.. so.. haih! next time lah. i will definitely goin back for more.unique.seafood.

for clams lovers.. oh oh oh! *drools*

and lobsters!

And this is wad that carries the crowd!!!

6 of us and our humble menu.

We managed to settle ourselves at the air-con area. lucky us! And we had the local sweet coconut which compliment best with the seafood.

Clam soup…! One word.. SWEET!

and it taste way better than it look. Its not that oily like wad u see in the pic tho. its sweet and fresh…

Steamed prawns.. The best way to portray the best essence of the seafood is by using the simplest style of cooking. And the result. SWEET and juicy. imagine!

Look at the tiny eyes of them. oh… so cute.. the best dish for me i would say

Another family of the clam..!

Honey chicken.. at first i was kinda confused why they ordered chicken while we were feasting for seafood.. but was totally wrong when i took the first bite of it. *nom nom nom* i swear its yummydelicious!! i wan more i wan more!! crispy from the outside.. juicy inside.


The boss recommended this.. egg yolk crabby.

No regret for trying this. Every single part of the crabby.. even the skinny tiny leg of it is full covered with the egg yolk!! wow!! impressive can! crab lovers like me.. i melted!

Next were the green..

We had kalian.. jus so so…

and… sabah vege they called… so so.. i guess the vege there just werent as impressive as their meat and seafood. hohoho!

Oh.. b4 we leave.. mr.jf n mr.stevo agreed to order another dish… beeehooon.. randomly.. i duno why but it taste good!