Yakiniku BBQ Restaurant @ KL

Someone say we should go to the Japanese BBQ restaurant for lunch coz he look like a Japanese.

Oh.. Hello Japanese! ^^

I had lime+plum but i guess it will taste better if they add more salt in it. not salty enuf. =( And Mr.Jap’s Honey lemon…

Among all the meat.. we chose Bacon!!! RM 5.90 *yum Yum* We have 2 plates of that…!

Oh…. see mr.japanese so concentrating with the bacon!!

Pork lean meat.. RM 5.90 HMM!! kinda shock when Mr.Japanese ordered lean meat…!

Lamb Loin….! RM 12.90.. this is one of my favoourite after the bacon! hohoho!

Presenting…. The BBQ-er….

and the EATER!! muahahahaha!!!

After all the meat…! i ordered tofu as well… REGRET hor….

Agedashi Tofu… RM 5.90… i think the one at sushi king tasted far more delicious than this…!

Miso soup. taste like perfume. T.T