After the legendary Tomato Rice, Here comes the Garlic Rice!

So after the over exaggerated Tomato Rice in Facebook, I decided to try something which sounds nicer. The Garlic Rice. Basically using the same method just play around with your own ingredients and change the Tomato to Garlic. 🙂

So what I think I wanna include in my Garlic Rice —

DSC09016Clockwise : Dried Scallop, Goji Berries, Capsicum, Whole Garlic, Smoked Bacon, Fresh Mushrooms and 3 layer pork 🙂

I would first pan fried my bacon with butter and pepper. Then sauteed my 3 layer pork with pepper and soy sauce before throwing them all in the rice cooker

DSC09017Oh.. I pan fried the bottom layer of the garlic as well. *ignore the drumstick. thats the side dish*

DSC09018Same thing — Seasoned the rice with EVOO, a teaspoon of salt and pepper and stir well. Add in all the ingredients and lastly placed the Garlic at the middle.

DSC09020My portion is for 3 small eaters and 1 dog. 🙂

DSC09022When its done, It looks like this. Im glad i did add soy sauce to my 3 layer pork and it makes the colour look nicer. Hehehe!

DSC09023Tips on how to mash the Garlic. You have to cut the tip of the garlic… and squeeze all the garlic out of their pocket. Its a little bit troublesome but its worth it..

DSC09025Then add a knob of butter and mix everything together…!

I leave some chunks of garlic there because i love garlic. In case you dont know, cooked garlic doesn’t have the raw garlic smell. Its sweet and it tasted like mashed potatoes. 

DSC09029And it certainly taste way better than Tomato Rice! Must try!! For mine, its very moist thanks to the butter, the garlic compliments the rice a lot and fresh mushrooms help a lot too! Do share me your version toooooo!!!