Atok Kopitiam | Cafe Chat, Pullman

Initially going for body combat class jus now with Annna and then our date.. But… i OVERSLEPT until na called me up at 2.30pm. huhuhuhu. But still.. i rushed to Level Up for cardio. *nyek nyek*

After the calories burning session.. we went over to ATOK Kopitiam..

This is the place.. in case u duno. Its just below Absolutely Dress Gallery, same row at Level Up fitness, Travilion Area.

My date, My CHH! She is feeling good!!

The menu.. non of it is NOT fattening. *huhuhu*

Na’s Teh C Peng Special and My Teh O Limau. i like my teh o limau tho!

Bubur Ayam.. I kinda think its nice…!! and less guilty after eating that.

Nasi Ayam Percik!! GOSH!! Sinful!! But.. its reallly GOOD.. the sambal is awesome.. Its satisfied enuf just to dip the vege into the sambal! *heavenly* we even requested for more vege.

Camwhore while waiting for Gladys to come.. she is busy eating Durian until she dint see our msg. *hmpf* Anyway.. the service there is pleasant… jus that.. i think they should open until late.. not 6pm. too short. haha!

Atok kopitiam closed at 6pm. so we have to look for another place for gossips.. went to K11.. no more room for 3. In the end.. we headed to Pullman and try out the cafe there…

Cafe Chat…

The environment.. simple but elegant.

Disclaimer : Its just MY opinion at this point of time.

However.. honestly speaking.. the experience wasnt that good. The service is kinda.. not so impressive.. one of the waitress is rude. I m not afraid to say.. the one wearing specs. hahaha! And others.. they don even know wad to recommend to us. Wanted to try out the salad at Puzzle, the restaurant.. but guess what.. after a long wait.. they came and say no more vege. hahaha! funny!

Needless to say.. My Ice Blended Vanilla is tooooo sweet!! *sugar is too cheap i think* hahahahaha!

Na’s mocha.. Just normal. not even near to yummy. Disappointed

Gladys’s Ice Blended Flavoured Latte with Hazelnut. nothing to shout about

However, daisy is beautiful.

HUHUHUHUHU! Disappointed on the drinks and the customer service but satisfied with our own moment and camwhoring session! *hahahaha*

At first.. its just the 3 of us…! Called Rose, Called Frankie.. Frankie called Mike.. and it goes on until

Poooof! a bunch of ppl! *nyek nyek*

But.. afterall.. its still girls who love to take pichas!


Happie Boxing Day People!