Best Char Siew in Kuching?

Surely there’s a lot of debates regarding the best char siew in Kuching. Some people like the one at Oriental Park kolo mee, some people love the ones at Little Hainan which i do as well but this one crowned the best for many people in Kuching. 

The name is not as popular, it is better known as the char siew opposite vivacity mall. Yes, to be particular, its located at Soho 188, the area opposite Vivacity Megamall. 

House of Charcoal, Kuching

House of Charcoal it is — popular with these two particular items; the char siew bowl and salted egg fried kueh tiaw. They do have other variety of food but significantly most of the people come here for those two. 

House of Charcoal Menu

Lets see if it you love it!

Char Siew Bowl 

Char siew bowl

A simple bowl of char grilled meat drizzle with sauce, topped with a sunny side up and some green. A delicious bowl like this use only the simplest ingredients. 

Char siew is fat, thick and juicy. It doesn’t have a crunch edge like the one at Little Hainan but its more to be like a melt in the mouth like char siew. Equally good as well. 

Another queen of the dish will be the salted egg fried kueh tiaw. It is delicious with very strong “wok hei” (cook in a very strong and flaming fire) but not until the extend to be crowned the queen of the dish. 

A running yolk certainly help a lot. Nothing can go wrong with yolks running over starch! Umami! 

These are the two most popular dish here. Do come and try if you haven.