Cooking is Love!

I Love Cooking. My ambition is to be a wife who cook everyday and got money. Hahahaha! wtf right. But true.. that is really my ultimate ambition. Oh. plus travelling. Life is good!

As much as i love to cook, basically i dont really have the time to cook as well. Huhuhu. Excuses.. sometimes during weekends.. just feels like sleeping until 2pm. Teehehehe! I made somehow a challenge for myself to cook every saturday at least… but so far failed. Woke up at 2pm and bun picked me for lunch di. huhu!

And a happy busy week. Bun is too busy and the whole family is so busy and i finally have a chance to cook! hohoho! a last minute minor cooking project for him this evening. Done in 45 minutes.

20130603_014719Errr… Not this..

20130516_034316Not this… wtf instant noodle i also die die wanna add in some ingredient. haha!

20130712_124322Not this as well..

20130520_210101Hmm… definately not this..

20130604_202852and No T.T

Ermm.. i dont have pictures to show u guys because... i FORGOT TO TAKE PHOTO. SADNESS.. i tend to forget things easily. Huhuhu. And those photos i showed you were those when i m eating alone and i snapped a pic of my dinner and sent to bun. Other than that.. i forgotten. Sadness. I prepared a simple eggs with vege and claypot style potato stir fried with minced pork and onions.

Even if i remember.. i will ended up like this…

20130525_185220Snapped the process half way and forgot to continue… >.<||| They were stuffed chicken wings with ham and cheese marinated in garlic paste.

Nothing for now di… Lets hope that i remember to take pics next time. Amen!