Recipe : Stuffed Chicken with Assorted Veges

Lets start a july post with this yummilicious stuffed chicken accompanied with sauteed veges and dessert. It was actually last year’s recipe for Christmas. Substitute turkey with chicken. hehe!

First of all, you will need :

IMG_7964Clockwise : Fresh Milk, Chicken, Bread, Strawberries, cheeries, Garlic, fresh assorted mushroom, Brocoli, Carrot, butter, Baby potatoes Onions, Bellpeppers, Premixed basil garlic pepper powder and fresh button mushroom.

IMG_7966Diced carrot, onions and button mushroom

IMG_7967Clockwise : Wash and clean the chicken, Teared the bread and soak in fresh milk, the prepared diced vege, mixed butter and chopped garlic together.

IMG_7971Add the butter and garlic and a few shake of the premixed powder.

IMG_7972For the stuffings : Add the diced veges into the soaked bread 

IMG_7974Stuffed the chicken. Spread the butter garlic under the skin. Spread it as much as you can between the skin and the flesh because it can make the skin damn cripsy and fragrant.

IMG_7976Rub the remaining butter garlic all over the stuffed chicken. Put baby potatoes and all your vege around it. Tips : Next time should roast the vege separately because vege will produce a lot of “juice” when it is baked in the oven.

Preheat the oven to 150 (up down fire) and baked for like 45 mins. It depends on your oven la as well. And Tada!!! The chicken is ready!!!

IMG_7991The essence of everything is superb. Remember to grilled the side dishes separately so that it wouldnt be too watery.

IMG_7993The stuffings keep the chicken soft, tender and juicy. The butter garlic spread under the skin make the chicken skin dammmmnnn crispy and yummy!

IMG_7981For a small family.. we had sauteed veges as well..

IMG_7983With dessert.. Strawberry & Cherries

IMG_7995And Yes.. This is our Christmas Meal. Look at keren’s christmas hat! hehehe!

20130629_193541_mr1372614694226I hope you enjoy the recipe ^^