Diet Plan?

Omg!! i cant believed i actually wrote 3 postings within these 4 hours.. hahaha!

As most of you know, i have been writing in my msn pm message saying that i m “planning” to go for a diet last last week right after my exams.. BUT.. ahahaha!!! well.. i will start SOON.. ^^ Btw, because of the jagung i consumed everyday.. i actually lose 1kg oledi! *applaused* weehehee! happie! ahem ahem.. anyway.. back to today’s topic..!

This evening, i saw a article about how to go for a workable and effective diet.. Well.. I am not sure whether it works but it sounds reasonable for me.. and its very simple.. So now, i am going to share with all of you and hopefully i will start tomolo~ *winks*

There are actually 5 major steps and facts that we should follow:

  1. Do more exercise.. Do at least 30 minutes a day.. even if its walking, its absolutely fine. =)
  2. Drink at least 8 big cups of plain water.. 8 cups of water (2l) will actually helps you to dissolve 100 calori per day.. *additional: drink some green tea or red tea (a lot of ppl might think drinkin tea will help as it helps to wash away the fat) well, tea helps is actually bcoz tea contain caffeine which helps to dissolve carbonhyrate.*
  3. Eat your breakfast!!!! Never skip ur breakfast which i owes do… Eat as much breakfast as you can as it will not even contributed to any fatness! Also, when you are on diet.. you can eat a lot of meals but little portion in every meals..
  4. Do not do too extreme exercise once you wake up.. Conclude:when you wake up.. all you have to do is eat your breakfast and forget about exercise..*hehe* no la.. jus do a bit of walking lah~
  5. Do not over sleep! a lot of ppl will sleep til afternoon time  especially during holidays.. Some may even sleep til like 4pm in the afternoon like me.. it is not good.. so.. stop tomolo. >.<

So.. these are 5 of the basic ones for mild diet plan… believe it or not? i am not sure but i m going to try tomolo.. haha! i still have 4kg to lose.. so we’ll see.. *grin*

So.. weehehe!!! jia you jia you!!

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