English Big Breakfast

Oh nom nom nom…. kinda failed english big breakfast because i dont have enough ingredient. Sobs.. I dont even have BUTTER which i think its the most important piece of yellow thing on earth. Huhuhuhuhuhu! Sad*

Other than that.. i don have milk… or cream… so scrambled egg is outta list. And no shop is open at 6.30am plus i don wanna drag until tomorrow so i only can make use of whatever i have in the fridge. Huhuhuhu!

My simple and lack of something english big breakfast includes ingredients such as :

1.) 4 eggs

2.) 4 sausages

3.) Fresh Mushrooms

4.) Baked Beans

5.) 1 tomato

6.) 2 slices of cheese

7.) Pepper and Salt

8.) Bread

Easy as that. An simple and easy big breakfast can be done in 15 mins. *Weeeee*

page1.) Washed and cut fresh mushroom and sauteed with salt and pepper until golden brown

2.) Pan fried sausages of any kind and eggs as well 

3.) Cut tomato, run the surface with pepper and salt. Pan fried the tomato with the cut surface down until fragrant. Take out, place a slice of cheese on top and send to the oven. Baked until the cheese is bubbling.

4.) Placed cheese on bread and baked or toast it

5.) Heat up canned baked bean

And you are done! 🙂 

20130820_075509If you are not a big eater.. you can opt for less portion like mine.

20130820_075609Hehehehehe! Slurps* 

Start up your morning with a happy breakfast for you and your loves one