Foochow Stall, RH Expert Kuching

“Zheng” aka Mixed Pork Soup (Pork Balls, liver, intestines, tongue, 3 layer pork, minced pork, lean meat and etc)  is one of the many cravings i have. Hehehehe! I know i have a lot of food cravings. hehehehe! Used to have a very very nice “Zheng” at mei mei mei cafe at Chonglin Park but sadly closed down few years back. 🙁

One fine day i was craving for “zheng” so i went to this RH Expert to hunt for food. Saw a Foochow stall near green gallery that side but sad.. no “Zheng” The most they can offer is pork liver or pork balls… U know me nah.. i request for both. hehehehe!!!

20130724_163810 (1)Before that, i order this teh c peng special and dint know inflation have already bring this glass of merely tasteless teh c peng special to RM 2.70. huhuhu

My order : Pork liver and pork balls kueh tiao… 

20130724_165931You can have it combined….

20130724_165823Or separated.. Pork Ball kueh tiao

20130724_165830and a bowl of pipping hot pork liver soup sounds awesome to me too! and it only costs RM 6.50 for all. Double awesomeness! hoho

20130727_183235_mr1375201049855This post look a lil bit short so ill insert my own photo. hahaha! too long dont have chance to upload my camwhore photo di. lalala *slurps slurps*