Hung Fang Seafood Restaurant

I remembered it was last friday when my daddy pat my head and say :”sayang tou tou..”

hehe!! OK.. the “sayang tou tou” (tou means head) is my daddy emitated my style of saying whenever i ask them to sayang keren.. muahahaha! but my daddy so cute when say that.. it was when my heart felt warmed and really felt how much lucky i m to be in this family.. my daddy is cute and of coz so do my mummy. hehehe! my mummy got a nick name called “nini”… hehe! of coz.. it is only called by my bro and I and my dad sometimes..yes.. we giv each other a lot of different nick names when we are free.. *teehehehe*

The sayang tou tou happened because daddy wanted to show me how happie he is for my result.. i can feel that pa.. heheheh!! mama is so excited as well.. so mummy say lets go out eat!! And daddy say he owes saw newspaper writing on the menu at Hung Fang Restaurant.. which is located along the road to Hui Sing…beside last time DPS and now Unacos..

We never went there so we decided to have a try.. ^^ Oh.. daddy owes knew i m a seafood lover and so does him.. so he say today we are going to eat all seafood!! mUAHAHA!! but not the crab because mummy cooks super delicious crab.. and mummy say she will cooked herself rather than eat outside crab. hahahaha!!

Ok.. heres the menu.. we ordered “tek tan” (which is somehting like long clam) in curry.. Pua peng Ham (clam) with soy sauce, spring onion and dried chilli, special sauce big prawn.., O jian.. and tauhu in salted fish.. weehehehe! ALL my favourite can~~ hehehe!!

Here’s the yummy food.. some pictures are not clear.. duno because of i rushing to eat so hand shake or the smoke or the heat which caused the picture smoky.. hehehhe!

Tek Tan (long clam) in curry.. yum yum! daddy’s super favourite!! he ordered straight away when he sit down. hehe! cute!!!

Pua Peng Ham (clam) fried with spring onions and so on.. super yummy ok!! the clam is so fat and juicy!! omg!!!!

Special sauce big prawn! oH.. favourite! its look so good and it taste so good as well..

Tauhu with salted fish.. *hiak hiak hiak* everyone’s fav..

O jian!!.. Oh.. this O jian look a bit Hodoh.. and.. it is.. haha!! compared to others.. this one is kinda left behind.. i mean the taste.. Me and papa keep on picking the a bit too dried-up oyster and mama finish up almost 80% of the crispy part which daddy and i don prefer.. hehehe! u noe.. mama is a non-oyster little girl.. hehehehe! *muax*  nini~~

and our drinks!! papa’s carrot milk and my lime juice.. mama drink both. =)

Yum Yum! After that.. we went kia kia at the newly opened Unaco and sun bian so see see the left a little bit- DPS.. after that.. we went Boulevard to kia kia~ hehehe!

We even catch up a movie after that! *weeeeeeee* too bad lun is busy pia kin assignment at KL.. if not.. everythin will be perfect! ^^

weell.. actually HUng Fang is quite a pleasant place to dine. Mayb u will like it too. =D