Improved version of Tomato Rice. Sinful but Tastier!

The recent waves of cooking the Tomato Rice in Facebook definately increase the sales of tomatoes in the market! hohoho! I can see like more than 10 news feed making this tomato rice everyday… Lucky enough for me, i’ve tried some of my friend’s tomato rice, the original one and the ones with ingredients like corn, carrots, sausages and prawns.. The outcome, i believed a lot of people have read the comment like.. its not as tasty as it seems to be. I agree. Absolutely agree. Its really a very misleading metaphor like so yummy until you can’t recognized ur blood. Hahahaha!!

For those who haven’t tried the normal Tomato rice, the taste is very.. healthy… Its like cooked rice with some very mild sourish taste that you cant even taste the tomatoes. hohoho.. However, being a kepo, i wanted to try as well.. But this time, I wanted to make it… SINFUL. Sinful means fattening, fattening food means yummy food. Hohohoho! 


DSC08892_p_pTHE BACON!!!!!!!!!! Lotsa Lotsa Bacon!!

DSC08896You can buy bacon chips at any of the super market. I had mine at Cold Storage the Non- Halal section.. Of coz, you cant just throw the bacon in..

DSC08897YOU HAVE TO FRY IT…. *oh thats my awesome diamond coated frying pan*

DSC08899Until it become crispy bacon!!!! Who doesnt like Crispy Bacon?!! *oh nom nom nom*

DSC08898Apart from that, My ingredients for my Tomato Rice are : Australian produced Tomato, capsicum, dried scallop, wolfberries and mushroom! Not to forget, i use bario rice! *wee*

DSC08900So… wash your rice, like how you normally cook your rice but reduced 4 tablespoon of water for the tomato, add in 1 tablespoon of pepper and salt (YES. 1 tablespoon), all the ingredients, 1 tablespoon of the grapeseed oil that is used to fry the crispy bacon and 1 tablespoon of BUTTER. You can add more before i regret not adding more. Hehehehe!!! Now, send to your rice cooker!


DSC08907Take a closer look before i mashed the tomato!

DSC08911This portion is for 4 person — Papa, Mama, Myself and Dupy (our family dog)

DSC08913And here you go — the Improved version of the Tomato Rice!

DSC08919Nice? Ermmm.. definitely Better but still, Tomato Rice this concept wouldnt hit the “OMG super yummy delicious” button. Its like.. fried rice without the “wok hei”. Something like steamed fried rice but at least.. this sinful version is tastier and happier! hohohoho! 

Please share if you have better idea of modifying the super dull original tomato rice *winks*