Kuching Must Eat : Green Spinach Noodles

One of the must eat when you come to Kuching, Green Noodles; that’s what the people call it. This shop has been there for.. as long as I know when I was very young, so most probably more than 20 years already. They used to have the green noodles which is made of the spinach and the orange noodles which is made of carrots. But unfortunately, the carrot noodles has been discontinued. Green colour wins! *weeeeeeeeeeee*

DSC09414So this coffee shop located at 3rd mile. *ignore the man bun* Beside Dong Guan restaurant and somewhere behind McDonald 3rd Mile. A very simple coffee shop which sell the Kuching’s favourite — Noodles and Laksa, and today, we have all of them! *oh nom nom nom*

DSC09411So the famous green noodles first! Oh btw they are all homemade noodles! The must order is the dry green noodles.

DSC09385A bowl of hearty green noodles come with a generous portion of cha siew… chicken siew to be exact, but its very juicy and tender.

DSC09392Noodle wise, very flavourful, springy and the texture keep you digging for more. If you are afraid of the spinach smell, dont worry there is hardly any. Even our “afraid of vege miao” loves the noodles there. Oh.. Green noodles not so green anymore after stirring up with the cha siew sauce 🙂

DSC09395Next up we ordered the lamb stew green noodles. Something different to try. If you love lamb stew, go for it. 

DSC09398The lamb stew is fabulous, nothing to nag about. However, noodles wise we prefer the dry one. Noodles in soup tend to be a bit softer, it still depends on how you like your noodles to be. We like it springy 😀

DSC09401Dry Dumplings. Quite normal if compared to those two

DSC09404Happy size i’ll say. Not too big not to small. I thought in my memories long ago the dumpling is green too. But unfortunately it is not. hehehe! I have this green maniac thing in me *wink wink*

Apart from lamb noodles and normal dry noodles, they have ginger duck noodles and beef noodles too. Do drop by to try. Enough of the noodles, Laksa is one of the must order too.

DSC09410But Laksa is kinda hard to judge because everyone have their own liking for Laksa. For me, I quite like it. 

DSC09379Its not that salty if compared to Foody Goody one, Not that thick if compare to Golden Arch and not that prawny if compared to the chong choon ones. So, you roughly have the idea di right?

DSC09382But the prawn is very fresh. They are very generous with the ingredient which is a good thing and the sambal is good as well. 🙂

So one of the hidden gem for Kuching must eat. Come early to avoid disappointment.. green noodles can be fast selling sometimes tho 🙂

DSC09408_pAnd… say hi to my makan kaki — Thanis from Brunei and Miao Miao