Kuching Must Eat : Little Hainan

Chicken rice has been my love since I was young. There’s not much awful chicken rice out there but there are some which are very outstanding. One of my favourite place for lunch is Little Hainan!

DSC09521Specialised in chicken rice and their famous sugar glazed cha siew! Little Hainan is located at Bormill Estate, corner shop same row as The GingerBread house. But do come earlier if you want to try their cha siew.. If you come after 12.30pm, its better to call and reserve your cha siew. The percentage of me visiting Little Hainan but not getting any cha siew is 80%, means i visit 10 times 8 times cha siew is sold out. hmpf!

DSC09515Menu for reference.

DSC09531Start of with beverages. The famous one is butter coffee..

DSC09522I tried before so this time I am going to opt for ice black coffee. 

DSC09526One of the reason i love about Little Hainan is that they are very homecook. Just look at the soup then you will know how sincere they are. Soup is very flavourful like you can imagine how many ingredients they have added compared to other chicken rice shop which served tasteless soup.

DSC09524Chilli is good as well. Not too overpowering. 

DSC09528Start with something light. Steamed okra with sambal. 

DSC09534Curry chicken for sharing. Initially wanted to get pork curry but unfortunately pork curry only available at night. Kind of spicy if you ask me 🙂

DSC09536The rice is served in round shape. 3 rice balls for each person. I love the pickles there.. it can be the best combination of meat and pickles, crunchy, sweet, sour and just so refreshing.

DSC09537And here comes the meat feast! We ordered the 3 main types of meat:

DSC09540My favourite steamed chicken. The difference between the steam chicken here is.. its salty enough so we don’t need extra sauce to add flavour to it. 

DSC09553The braised 3 layer pork. Sweet and braised till perfection. The marination is totally spot on.

DSC09556The star — Sugar glazed cha siew. Come before 12 to grab them!

DSC09550The specialty of the cha siew is that you can still feel the sugar crunch on the outer part… but yet tender and juicy in the side. yums!

DSC09558_pAnd all of the above, thanks to Julian who always make your food awesome over the years! 

DSC09538Please call 082-239 899 for reservations. Open everyday except Mondays!