Omg! 3 kgs in a week?!

Happy life = Happy Me = Happy Food = Sad weighing scale!

I have been eating and eating and eating almost every night since last week. Dont ask me why.. i will definitely blame it for the PMS. hehehe! Or maybe happy life give happy appetite. 😀

ANd some weird things start to happen to me. The “ODDEST” of all, i start to eat chocolate! *screaaammmmm* If you know me well enough.. or long enuf.. as long as you are a friend for long.. you will definately know that i dont eat chocolate.. at all. or any other chocolate related flavor or stuff. But recently, i got influenced! I cant belief i am starting to eat chocolate.. and loving it.. OMG! Too old to start loving chocolate? Hmm.. weird.

And It had been only a week… 7 days… and i had freaking gained 3 KGS!!! *screammmm x2*

Ignore the extremely dirty scales as this is the old scale in some dirty corner at the deserted store. hahaha!

Tis is me.. exactly last week. 54 kg. Still happpy with it. i m naturally not a slim person 🙂

I found out the causes. i realized that i have been eating aggressively these days. and utmost scariest of all.. during midnight. 🙁

I’ll find myself either munching this extremely guilty potato chips…

Don ask me how often! T-T

Or stuffing myself with lotsa different varieties of chocolates.

.Chocolate cake even… what happen to me..

Or.. the delicious homemade sio bee..

Or super rajin and cook myself a fatty meal…

Or even a glass of hot milo…. to ease the urge of nom noms

If not.. i will go out with my partner in crime…

and hunt for midnight supper….. MCD.

Or run all the way to 7miles and had their famous kolo meeee. fat die i know.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Dinosaur!!!  I am so gonna find a hole and hide it inside!