On Diet

Announcement : ah Yien is on diet… hopefully lah.. huhuhu… T.T

I have been trying to go on a diet for a few times di.. but hor… i owes got distracted.. mostly by all the delicious and irresitable food!! huhuhuhuhu!!! but now hor.. as my waistline keep on expanding… and i can feel the uneasyness of wearing my sleeveless clothes.. PLUS.. mr Johnston seriously advice me to go on a diet… I finally decided to DO IT!! MUAHAHAHA!!

From today onwards.. kindly do not lure ahyien with delicious food… especially her favourite lamb mutton or wadsoever…! huhuhuhu! and banana too.. i heard banana is high in Carbonhydrate.. huhuhu! so no banana for me at the moment too.. sobx.. kolien-nyer~

so for the first day…

HUHUHUHUHU!!! i will have to store lotsa lotsa oranges (as i hate apples) for the following months liao.. kekeke!!

Wish me good luck ah!!!!

ShOOo ShooOoo Shhooo… yummy food. T.T