One Month Diet Plan

As usual.. i am gonna start my another diet plan soon. On and Off i will have these calories diet plans when i realised the expansion of my waistline. Hehe. I am a food lover, its so suffering to not eat and let the gorgeous yummilicious food looking at me. So here am i.. i will eat and enjoy my food whenever i have my allowance. When i am in a super happy state, i eat.. when i am sad, i eat.. when i m bored i eat. Hopeless.. hehehe!

I know.. i always hope i can.. hahaha!

Its almost 6 months done for 2013 di.. i don have much allowance to keep eating di. Sobs.. and here i am.. planning my diet plan for a month and see how it goes. This time.. i will not be having my calories count. Instead, i’ll just plan a simple one and see how well it works.

I’ve my 8 steps to follow throughout this whole month. 29 May – 29 June. My plans are not based on any proper research nor its according to whatever thing. Just a random selective thoughts that i think i can best stick on with 🙂

RULE NO.1 : Drink Lots Of Plain Water and Only Plain Water

From today onwards, i will only drink plain water… and thats it. I will stuff myself with lotsa plain water if i am hungry at night. Say temporary ByeBye to my Ice Lemon Tea, Green Tea, Sarsi and Teh C Peng. Sobs!

RULE NO.2 : Sleep Early

DahhhH! of coz not that early lar.. I always have the tendency of sleeping late. Sometimes, i sleep around 4am or 6am which i have no idea why. So… make myself a rule to obey — Sleep at 12.30pm everyday for a month 🙂

RULE NO.3 : Say NO to bread and Carbo Stuff. Eat only meat and Vege

T.T You know.. I am such a Big Fans of BREAD. Saying No to Bread is like.. Seeing others torturing keren. hahaha. weird i know. Hmm.. Anyway, eat lotsa Vege and Meat. Preferably Chicken Breast or Fish!

RULE NO.4 : Eat 90% of my meal at HOME

Prepare my own food. Please prepare my own food. Don Be Lazy!

RULE NO.5 : Exercise

All sorts of Exercise 🙂 Hehehe! Yes i mean it. Make an effort to at least exercise for 45 minutes. Be it walking or doing anything that makes me happy as long as i move my ass around 🙂

RULE NO.6 : Eat the Fruit i hate the most => A-P-P-L-E

Small green apples will do. Reason : I’ll be more happy eating a green apple than a red one. Hehehe!

RULE NO.7 : Write Down whatever that goes down to my tummy

Keep a food Diary. Write down all the things that i consumed. I belief it will make me feel guilty and start eating less.

RULE NO.8 : Kiss your Love Ones

Hahaha. Yes i mean it as well. Kissing bring happiness. Kiss your loves one everyday. It motivates to lose more weight. Yay <3

Okay. i think 8 is enough. i’ll keep track and see how it goes. 🙂 Jia You Jia You.