Overnight Oats Recipe

Follow the Trend!!! The outbreak of overnight oats is all over everywhere now. I remember i first saw it at Anna’s eat clean blog post. Interesting.. wonder how does it look like… so sooner and later i decided to give it a try. 

Overnight Oats
Get the basic ready and you can add on whatever you like 🙂
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  1. Raw oats/Steel-cut oats
  2. Flavoured/Plain Greek Yogurt
  3. Fresh Milk
Something extra
  1. Kiwi/Cherries/Any kind of fruits
  2. Nuts/Seeds
  1. Pour raw oats into a jar/container
  2. Add in Greek yogurt
  3. Pour in fresh milk
  4. Cover the lid and put in the fridge
  5. Let the jars/container stay in the fridge for at least 3 hours or better, overnight
  6. Add in some milk and stir well the next day before eat
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 Recipes with pics :

1. Prepare a jar/container, milk, greek yogurt and raw oats


2. I used a tub of strawberry flavoured Greek Yogurt. Not sure if thats too much but it taste good. And i used flavoured one so the flavour is there 🙂


3. Pour in milk 


4. Stir well, cover the lid and let it rest in the fridge overnight


5. Add milk and stir well before you eat the next day. However… i add too much milk the next day so it looks watery. Muahahaha! Me still likey


Strawberry & Sunflower seeds overnight oats


Strawberry & Kiwi overnight oats



Peach & Cherry overnight oats


DSC04557Hope you love it. I certainly love it tho. Taste like the muesli served in hotel to me. hehehe! Anyway, lets try some savory oats soon!