Snowflake @ Pavilion, KL

Snowflake is now available at Pavilion…! I first saw this Snowflake thing at Simon’s blog.. so i was thinking.. mayb worth a try… Its either lucky or destined *lol..sounds so gan jeong*.. i saw the banner after my dinner at Carlos Canteena saying Snowflake is now open at Level 4.. *woots*

Here!! the little booth of Snowflake at Pavilion, not as big as compared to Subang’s but.. they serve the same thing! *teehehe*

I am definitely having the best seller…!

and for lun *oh.. he update this earlier than i m!* they recommend him this!

After we paid the bill.. they giv us this!

EEE!! wads that!!


Love this pic! my bro look so leng zai! *kakaka*

Its a errr… something like.. pager? hahahaha!! Customers will take one of this while waiting for their orders. and when it beeps…


Means ur Dessert is READY and u SHALL collect them at the counter!!


Oh.. super big portion of my best seller.. glass jelly.. taro balls and sweet potato balls…

With creamer if u wan! *love*

and lun’s Sea Amber Jelly… this month special..

and shiteng’s taufoo fa… *too normal*

OHH! i m loving it!! Did i say the portion is too big? Yeah.. it ended up both of us cannot finish so we dabao-ed as our supper.. taste good when its completely melted too can! haha