Spring Beef Noodles

Remember for the past few days i keep on moaning at Plurk about Spring Gu Bak Mee?? Coz i owes heard ppl say its very nice and i never try before!! HoHoHo!! Well.. the stall had been operating for almost 30 years oledi.. and papa mama used to went there makan makan last time..!

Jus in case u do not know where is the stall.. its located at the Kopitiam behind Kuching Park Hotel.. ^^

Hmm.. nope. this one is not the gu bak mee.. this is my lunch few weeks ago..!! *hiak hiak* Salmon fest now mah~~~ but kesian me oso.. 3 biji of salmon for lunchie saja *lalalala*

OK.. back to Gu Bak Mee… We went yesterday for breakfast…

The special chilli that wons so many aunties heart~ *nyek nyek*

Tada!! the Beef Noodless!! its taiwanese style beef noodles…! *yum yum*

and the portion is kinda big as well!!

The noodles is hand made.. so.. its soft and “springy”

And the beef of coz.. tender.. juicy and it sealed up the very best of the beef and soup! *wooots*

Wad a perfect breakfast right??!

But still.. i prefer tmot‘s choice.. the Gu Bak Mee at the kopitiam opposite Swinburne Uni is more towards my liking! *weee*