Verinice @ Boulevard

Yesterday was Friday Night.. One of our family days again.. This time.. we went to Boulevard.. Actually is planning to do some groceries shopping and end up shopping again at Everrise. Nvm.. back to Boulevard.. there are plenty of food inside.. too much to choose but what really make me keep coming back for more is the Mongolian Lamb rice.. oops.. exposed* hehe..

The stall is called “Verinice”.. it is at the behind part of the food court..

This is it!! I forgot wad stall is it at the right hand side but i noe the left one is the Yong Tauhu.. coz its owes very quiet.. A.K.A NO customers. haha!

This is the displays of the Food. they served a lot of food.. Some are very common but some are really nice!!

For today.. i will just gonna introduced some which i owes ordered.. The very recommended one from me.. ^^

First and the famous!! Mongolian Lamb with Rice.. Thumbs up!! very very up! hahaha! my daddy’s favourite as well.. if u happen to go to the food court.. never missed trying this.. *applicable for lamb lovers*

Secondly.. Asam curry fish fillet. this one is nice.. as u noe.. i don really dare to eat spicy things.. but this one is just good!! Spicy but not too spicy.. but very wakening! haha.. means it will wake ur appetite.. hahaaha!!

Thirdly will be the Thai SPicy Pork rice.. Hmm.. yummy as well.. before i ate the 2 above.. it was just fabulous.. but after the MonGolian Lamb and Spicy fish fillet.. haha.. this one.. hmmm.. 7/10 i perhaps? This is the first trial one the thai spicy pork.. but those two above are the owes-order-food. ^^ judge urself!

Apart from that, the Mamek chicken was nice as well… butter prawn is just ok.. but still.. the two i recommended is the best sellers. hahahahahhaha! *in my heart*

Saying bout Boulevard.. That day i went shoppin with my aunty.. she ask me to try on this dress!

I super like ok.. she say she wanted to buy for me.. but.. hmm.. don wan la.. pai sei.. hehe! actually i only like the side part lo.. front part.. hmm.. hmm… huhuhuhu….