Watermelon Ice Cream

Brother came back… mama was doing some kiwi ice cream one day and lun just randomly ask if she could make him watermelon ice cream..

So immediately the next day.. mum prepared some watermelon.. i helped to unseed and she froze them until the next day.. which is today..

This is how watermelon ice cream look like.. i mean in progress..

with some frozen condensed milk. *weeeeee*

mama busy stirring the mixture.. and pooooff!

Watermelon Ice Cream is DONE!!!!! omg!

Look so cute bcoz its pink!

*nom nom nom* It taste like watermelon milk shake but.. in ice cream style… =)

This is our little furball

furball dupy loves ice cream too.. but today she kinda like no appetite.

but still… superb delicious!!