Yien’s Recipe : Beer Steak

I say i’ll make it and i did! =D

Beer Steak! its specially for u hor.. Oh.. mayb i shud make Sarsi Steak next time! weee.. =)

So here’s what you need for Beer Steak. 

Heineken Beer, Steak of coz.. i use beef, Onion and Garlic, Potatoes (for mashed potatoes)

Well.. the cooking show says heineken so i just used heineken lor.. its western style ma.. and please dont use henessy, tiger beer or even Guiness.. (Argh! i duno how to spell can).. coz accordingly.. it is very BITTER.

So here we start ya! Stir fry the steak first so that the juice wont leak. Stir fry onion and garlic separately and pour in the BEER. half of it will do.. depends la… if u like BEER. hahaha.. if its too bitter for u.. add in some BBQ sauce.. (used HUNT’s one better).. i added coz BEER is too bitter for me.. or mayb i add too much. hohoho! and after it boiled, add in beloved steak. (i marinated with soy sauce, sugar and pepper b4 that)

As for mashpotatoes, boiled it, add fresh milk, butter and some pepper and salt will do! =)

and here u come…


Hmm.. i duno which picture is nice so i post some a few la hor..

If you like it medium cook the make it medium cook.. if u wan it well done.. then make it well done. =)

Well.. i personally like lamb more so i think it will be better in lamb! hehehehe!!

What’s next?


Thats my favourite MAngo TanGo can.. hehehe!