Yien’s Recipe : Grilled Salmon

Tips : Use whatever you have in your fridge 😀

For me, i had some overnight rice, salmon, onions, lemons, crab sticks and one potato

Stir fry garlics with butter until fragrant. Add in the rice.. and another knob of butter. Stir in an egg just before you take out the rice. I think the garlic butter rice is heavenly awesome! Will cook it again very soon!

Another wok, add in a knob of butter and few pieces of lemon. Like this!

Place salmon on top of the lemons.. You can smell the lemon with the salmon all the way cooking it. *yums*

At the meantime, just pan fry the potato sticks and crab sticks

When the salmon is done, use the excess salmon oil and the lemon grounded wok to stir fry the onions

and after that.. decorate it and everything is done!!!

Oh Oh oh Oh!

Oh.. remember to squeeze in more lemon juice on top of the onions and salmon…

But if you have cranberry sauce. its even better!

Medium raw *wee*