Yien’s Recipe : Sio Bi

Oh.. i think theres some problems in my  laptop.. or line.. not sure.. but haih… i just cant reply in the chatter box.. *sobx*

Anyway.. because of that… i have spent hours fixing and figuring out the problems until i did not really update my blog.. but since the problems are not yet fixed and i dunno how to fixed.. perhaps.. just leave it there first and go to update my blog.. heheheh!

Oh.. today i m goin to share my own recipe.. Sio BI.. haha.. actually is my first trail on sio bi la.. i never made sio bi in my entire life before..

Ookiees! its saturday and i m goin to make sio bi!!!! weeeheheheheh!!! well.. there’s basically no specific skin for sio bi in sarawak so i just replace it with dumplings skin.. HoHoHo!


First.. prepare some mince pork of coz.. prawn chopped til “mian mian” in small pieces.. water chestnuts and onions in small cubes.. a pinch of chopped ginger, a lil salt, a lil sugar, a lil egg white.. mixed well.. add in a lil corn flour.. mixed well again.. then lastly add in a lil fragrant oil or sesame oil.And thats how it looks like…

Ok.. lets wrapped! when wrapped.. remember to use a spoon to slightly press the meat on the surface so that it wil come out firm.. ^^ put some carrot for garnish.. egg yolk better!

Ok.. here’s some sample i have made.. oops.. u  noe.. i cant buy the round type of skins so i use the square one and it turns out got the sharp sharp pointed angle … the one i use pink circle to circled it.. haha!! so if u are able to buy the round skin.. there will be no this kind of problems.. weehehehe!

Ok everything is done..put to steam.. you shoud put a french loaf’s paper underneath the sio bi so that it wont stick on the plate.. but i don have it so i just let it stick lo.. haha!

After 5 minutes.. its done! weeeeheheheheheh!!

Doesnt look so pretty but still ok la! haha! weell.. my comment for my first time trail sio bi.. this recipe i got it online.. so.. Hmm.. i should say it dont taste like sio bi lo!!! Maybe Foreigner duno how sio bi taste like so the recipe don taste liek sio bi!

It taste more like dumplings! because as all of our beloved sarawakian noes.. Sio Bi’s meat is quite hard and very Q but what i have made the meat is too soft.. but delicious of course.. hehehe! and the skin is too soft as well.. everything here is too soft la.. but if it is not a Sio Bi.. it taste incredible nice.. coz the meat is nice! weeehehe!! hahahahhahaahahha.. no comment liao… sobx! it jus look like a very soft sio bi!