Yien’s Recipe : Spaghetti!

Randomness.. i woke up at 1pm sth.. Oh.. another Sunday.. Suppose to go shopping by lao mao kinda busy with her assignment so everything canceled.. No food at home.. No plan going out.. so i decided to make myself a long long time no-cook spaghetti. =) Make use of everything i have at home lor. 

I m sure everyone noes how to cook spaghetti la hor.. its such a common dish for girls.. It’s owes popular as the girl’s “first-time-know-how-to-cook” dish. hahahahaha! rite? so i assume everyone noes and therefore.. no nid to write down the process la. Tehehehehe!

I don have any cocktail sausage left coz the last 3 batang i gave it to Dupy last few days di.. haih!! i forgottten! So the only thing i’ve got in my fridge will be button mushroom, mince beef and onion! hahaha! pity eh! Here’s some ingredient u nid, Puree, tomato, kicap, sugar… hmm.. and pamersan cheese.. OH! don forget basil leave! it makes the difference. =D

Cook Cook Cook.. a lot of process i forgot to put hor.. coz was busy stir-frying ma.. huhu!

And.. TADAAAA!!!!

eeehehehehehe!! i love mushroom can.. =)

Here’s my breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! It surely be great if there’s a bowl of creamy mushroom soup! Oh Gosh!! i m goona make it for my next SEAFOOD spaghetti..!! PrOmise!! jus few days later!! hahahaa!

Oh.. before consuming any food.. mummy cut me a plate of mango!! weeeeeeeeeee! My favouriteeeee!!! Look how jUicy it is..!!! *GRIIIINN*

Ok next up will be my mummy’s BAO. She made BAO for the first time in her life. hahahaha! and its darn nice lah! can u see it can u see it?????????

Can u Can u? 


Hmm.. not much things to post recently coz i didnt go anywhere.. but stay tune! today is mooncake fest! i’ll be goin to friendship garden with the busy assignment girl and pik qii!!! hahaha!!