Yien’s Recipe : Taiwan Beef Noodle

Hello! its has been a long time since i last share on my recipe. Not a profession cook but definately love cooking. Thanks to my bestie bird shit for getting the original taiwan beef noodle recipe from a friend’s taiwanese mom. However… sometimes.. hohoho.. things just need to be more innovative right?

Yeah. i get random. all the time 🙂

Ingredients :

  1. Fresh Beef Chuck or Tendon loin
  2. Oyster Sauce
  3. Sweet Sauce
  4. Spicy bean paste
  5. “Sha-Cha” Sauce
  6. Bottle of beer
  7. Spices bag
  8. Onion
  9. Spring Onion
  10. Red Chilli
  11. Garlic & Ginger
  12. Freshly made noodles


So this is simple. For the soup base, you can either use the old traditional way, which is so much better. Drenched the beef bone and cooked it in a big pot of water together with some onion for 3 hours. If you want to be fast. Just use the beef stock will do.

20140413_170559_resizedAfter 3 hours of beef bone soup, use a new pot… stir fried the sweet sauce, spicy bean paste, and “sha cha” sauce until fragrant. Add in the beef stock and add in oyster sauce and the spices bag.

20140413_180523_resizedTurn to medium low heat, add in the bottle of beer, onion, garlic and a bit of ginger then cover it. Oh.. please do add your beef in it and let it cooked for 1 to 2 hours.

20140413_163744_resizedFor my beef, use cut it in the opposite way so that you can break the veins connection so you dont have to do much work on it. Boiled it in a pot of water first to get rid of the blood. Then only you add in the big family pot together with the other ingredients.

20140413_185002_resizedLastly, boiled your noodle. Add some salt and olive oil which i always like.

20140413_184644_resizedAnd you can scoop out the goodies

20140413_184653_resizedReady to be served. Oh nom nom nom nom!