Attractiveness 5 on 5

Hohoho. Came across this one fine day and i decided to squuueze myself in their project. Hehehe. Shine Bright like a diamond~ Really got nothing to blog recently.. so.. This could be interesting…!! If there will be more people joining even nicer.. Hehehe. Shy to be a bulb but still die die wan. 😀

capture-20130806-023909So this topic is basically sharing on 5 of our points what guys find attractive in a women and of coz.. vice versa.. solely on our own opinion. You can checkout salted egg and rosey one here.

What i think : 5 attractive-ness of girls to guys.

1.) Appearance

BeautyDont tell me thing like appearance doesnt matters. It matters.. because that is the first thing one is attracted to before everything else. Some guys like girls with thick make up.. some prefer thin make up.. but still.. at least the girl should be presentable to their friends or people around.

2.) Body

obeseIndirectly, guys will be more honoured or you can say proud of themselves if they can get a pretty girl with good body. Shallow? Not really lar.. all the human beings are the same. This world is realistic… But good bodyline.. everyone got their own definition. Some say chubby is good.. some say bamboo is good. Oh well..

3.) A Good Heart

good heartNo body likes devil. Or woman with a lot of evil thoughts and plannings.. or crazy women who planned for each move before she do something. i have a lot of this kinda friends around.. especially girls. How scary. Anyway… I think guys would prefer girls who are thoughtful, caring and understanding..

4.) Independent

independantSome tiny stuff.. girls are capable to settle it themselves instead of throwing it to the guys whom already have so much thing to cope with. Generally… super glue gf is less attractive compared to cool and independent gf. Bare in mind. 🙂

5.) Cooking

messy-cookI grew up in a small family where mama always tell me, girls should know how to cook so that next time your husband will look forward to go home for dinner. I dont know how true is that but seems like cooking really makes bf happy. Especially after a long tiring working day, coming home with dinner prepared with love is so much cozier and happier.

Now.. the Vice Versa Version. Hohoho! Interesting.. because it indirectly says out what i think bah!

What i think : 5 attractive-ness of guys to girl

1.) Loyalty

Pink-HeartBIG MAJOR issue.. i know nowadays not only guys but girls tend to ‘run lion’ too.. But bare in mind.. WOMAN.. is a super sensitive animal.. so any issue regarding this.. they tend to think a lot more be more sensitive and emotional and thats why this would be the point they will be looking at. Even if you have friends around who is loyal to the other half.. ladies will tend to prefer your that type of friends over the flirty one. True Story. And never do anything or make the girl doubt about this issue… because.. (i love sin’s quote) A jealous woman does better research than a FBI agent. SO TRUE

2.) Side her like she is the utmost important person in your life

Pink-HeartWhenever she falls into an arguement or she think she is being treated unfair by others.. Side her.. Be at her side of the story. Never never never side the other party especially if the other party is a FEMALE. you dont want to just die like that right. i mean.. you dont want to hurt her right.. Woman is mostly fragile. They will remember if you treat them good or the other way round.

3.) Sense of Security

Pink-HeartChoose : Guy A who have a lot of guy friends and less female friends VS Guy B who have tonnes of female friends flirting around.

Choose : Guy A who goes out every night without bringing you out VS Guy B who is more homely type.

Choose : Guy A who kept you as a low profile kinda gf and doesnt bring you to their female friends VS Guy B who bring you out to gatherings and parties with him.

4) Caring and Observant

Pink-HeartGuys who are very observant are always more attractive for me. They notice what you like or dislike and what is your style and so on by just observing. It surprised me and it certainly add a lot of marks!

5) Good listener

Pink-HeartWomen is one of the most emotional animal in the world. Study shows that generally women lived longer than men. Probably is because whenever they are happy or unhappy.. they tend to just blah blah blah out.. be it complaints or gossips or whatsoever… but men mostly.. they kept to themselves.. maybe thats why bah.. inner injury. keep too many stuff. Hahaha. No la.. outta topics. Anyway.. if women storied you about their complaints or emo stuff.. be a good listener and just give them a big hug. Dont have to give advice (as guys are normally more rationally and more analyzed) because most of the time.. women know what they have to do or what they should do.. they just want someone to talk to and listen to all their complaints. Irony right. Women bah. Hehe. But not all the time.. sometimes they will ask for advice too lar.

From the 5 attractiveness of each above.. its already kinda obvious that the criteria of women towards guys.. they are more towards feelings and feelings and how the guy treat them.. and JEALOUSY is really the bomb if the guy couldnt handle it probably but think of a bright side.. you she is not jealous.. probably means she doesnt care anymore 🙂

But of coz.. not every woman is like that.. I am a more emotionally one here. hehe! But generally, the females are more emotionally than the males. Thats for sure. A book ” Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus” Please read. It helps you to solve all the doubt you have about men/women all these while. I am like smiling all over when i read that few years back.. because everything they write its like what you encounter every day. Men and Women are totally different. Being able to live with the difference is what makes the love grow stronger. Happy Loving People.